Legal Eagle: Claiming compensation for brutality by the authorities

Q: I was at a young offenders institute many years ago. The regime there was brutal and I was frequently assaulted by the officers.

Commonwealth Games medallist David Bolt.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke: You only get one body – take care of it

Last week’s column about nutrition and food received a really positive response, and I got lots of messages via social media to say that readers were taking my tips and giving them a go.

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Staying indoors can help combat allergies such as hay fever.

Allergies and how you can protect your family from them

From peanuts to pollen and dairy to dust mites, I see lots of people concerned about an allergy in the family, particularly when it comes to children.

From drab shed to tropical paradise - Fiona Fisk (Floral Pavilion Co-ordinator for Harrogate Flower Show) unlocks the new Secret Sheds attraction.

Gardening: Look out for special deals at Harrogate Spring Flower Show

The Harrogate Spring and Autumn Flower Shows are the highlights of my gardening year, rated the best horticultural events in the country by Which?.


How Universal Credit will affect a lone parent - a benefits expert explains

Q. I have read a lot about Universal Credit and I know that everyone will have to claim it eventually.

Sunderland station.

Julie Elliott MP: Light at the end of the tunnel for Sunderland’s ‘unacceptable’ station – but I’ll keep up the pressure

A North East rail boss is finally to see for himself the faults and problems that have plagued Sunderland’s rundown station for years.

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Captain Scarlet.

Richard Ord: No strings attached? Pull the other one!

There was a school of thought that TV reached its lowest point when viewers tuned in to watch other people watching telly.

The law to protecting your home from an intruder.

Legal Eagle: How much force can you use to protect your home from burglars?

Q: I am totally confused. How much force is a person allowed to use to protect their own home from burglars or other intruders?

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Avocado is ideal for a good quality fat source

Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Why putting more thought into food choices is a good thing

In this week’s column I’m putting on my personal trainer hat, and at the same time, focusing on one of my favourite things … food!

Am I doing anything wrong by renting privately?

Why am I being investigated over Housing Benefit claim?

Q. I have been renting a house from my ex-boyfriend’s father for three years. My ex-boyfriend never lived here with me, I have always lived here with just my two children.

A healthy diet is one way to stay fit and well.

10 simple steps you can take to improve your health

There are lots of easy ways you can improve your health. Here's my top 10 tips.

Asiatic lilies Bouquet Mixed in a shade of orange.

Gardening: Tips on growing lilies that are ideal for garden pots

Lilies are up there with roses as people’s favourite flowers and they’re ideal for growing in pots.

Sly Stallone advertising bread. Would that be shortbread then?

Richard Ord: My lookalike dreams are in tatters

My dream of a lucrative career in the world of celebrity lookalikes has hit a snag.


Legal Eagle: When Social Services fear your children are at risk

Social Services has been involved with my family for over a year now. My children are on Child Protection Plans due to the risk of harm from my ex-partner.

Char grilled salmon with a teriyaki glaze and garlic and vegetable fried rice - courtesy of Asiana Restaurant.

Sunderland BID: Top Sunderland restaurants share their secrets

You’ve visited the restaurant, you’ve eaten the food – now it’s your turn!

Pay should not be about gender.

Katie-Bulmer Cooke: Pay should represent the role, not the gender

Last week I watched the coverage of the publication of the gender pay gap figures with great interest.

Aches and pains can be a part of an active lifestyle and ageing.

Seven ways to cope with aches and pains as you get older

Minor aches and pains can often be part of an active lifestyle and ageing, but it can affect your life on a daily basis.

Last year's choice, Pastiche.

Gardening: Why sunflowers are ideal for children and beginners

Sunflowers are one of my all-time favourites, so I’m growing three varieties this year for a long season of colour.

Victoria Hall as it would have looked in 1926.

On The Waterfront: The great maritime fair at Sunderland’s Victoria Hall between disaster and German bombing

Despite the dark history of Sunderland’s Victoria Hall, this infamous entertainment and meeting venue, best remembered for the 1883 tragedy in which 183 children were crushed to death, saw a variety of events until it was destroyed by German bombing in 1941.

Winged messenger of doom

Richard Ord: For the love of God, seagulls and tattoos

With families, don’t you find that the brown stuff hurls itself at the whirring fan blades when you’re at your most relaxed?

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