Julie Elliott MP: Change in organ donation law will save lives

Introducing a change in the law on organ donation could save as many as 500 lives a year – lives that you, your family or those close to you may treasure dearly.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Better in Lycra?

Richard Ord: Brexit and the Lycra–clad apocalypse

As visions for a post-Brexit Britain go, David Davis’ assurance that it will not be a post-apocalyptic wasteland hardly inspires.

Sunniside Live 2017 Saturday. - The Farm

Read all about Sunderland’s impeccable music credentials

From Dave Stewart to Emili Sande, from Lauren Laverne to The Toy Dolls – no matter what your taste in music, Sunderland has impeccable credentials.


Legal Eagle: Home at risk? God a bad landlord? Homeless? When you can get Legal Aid to help with your housing woes

Legal Aid is still available for many types of housing cases. There has been some confusion about the types of housing matters that are still dealt with under legal aid and so below we have detailed the types of cases we can still assist people with, so long as they qualify financially.

Northern Spire Bridge.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Great to see Sunderland in a positive light on TV

On Thursday I tuned into BBC 2 to watch a full hour of TV dedicated to our city.

Sunderland 1
The dredger Vedra operating in the Wear during 1971.

How the Wear’s last dredger sealed the fate of a famous Sunderland shipyard

This week, we look at the Wear’s last dredger and how she sounded the death knell for a famous shipyard.

Working out with a partner in the gym.

Why couples who train together stay together

We’ve all heard that sickening phrase ‘couples who train together, stay together’, and unfortunately for single people there seems to be some truth in it.

Rose Generation Jardin. Picture by Woolmans

Gardening: Hanging basket lovers in for a treat with blooms

Begonia and hanging basket lovers are in for a treat with the fragrant Sweet Pearl Cascade, a cascading variety launched for this season.

Do you know which painkiller is best for your needs?

Do you know which painkillers are best to give you maximum relief?

Instant pain relief is something our ancestors could only have dreamed of, but that doesn’t make modern painkillers a risk-free magic wand.

Sunderland City centre litter.'Crowtree Road

The Tories’ dream budget for Sunderland hopes to be a nightmare for Labour

Lower council taxes, more pothole repairs and cleaner streets at no extra cost to the public, what’s not to like about the Conservative’s alternative budget for Sunderland?

Opinion 1
Always seek advice when making claims.

Will the end of my Disability Living Allowance leave me high and dry?

Q. I have been claiming Disability Living Allowance, but have received a letter inviting me to apply for Personal Independence Payment.

Port director at Port of Sunderland Matthew Hunt

Port of Sunderland sees 13% rise in cargo imports

Record levels of cargo were handled at Port of Sunderland in 2017, according to figures released this week.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivers his speech - "road to Brexit, a United Kingdom", as part of the government's road map on Brexit, at the Policy Exchange, London. Pic by Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Boris Johnson’s colourful call to arms over Europe means little when Brexit theatens Sunderland’s economy

When he’s in full flow, Boris Johnson is hard not to like.


Richard Ord: When you can tell it’s real because it looks to fake

“You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake.”

Do you think smokers should stick to designated areas?

Vote: Do you think smokers should stick to designated areas?

Fitness trainer Katie Bulmer-Cooke caused a social media stir with this week's column in the Sunderland Echo.


Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Smokers should stick to designated areas

Over the past few months I’ve made almost daily visits to the hospital, and in so doing I’ve met so many extremely hard working medical staff who do such a fantastic job.

Health 2

How to avoid the pitfalls when you're booking a bargain holiday

Across the nation, there’s been a collective sigh of relief in the last few weeks as the first payday of 2018 arrived. It’s such a long time to wait in January, isn’t it?


Benefits Expert: How changes will affect your mortgage support

We are currently getting a lot of questions from people about changes to the Government’s help with mortgages at our drop-in service, so I thought I would try and clarify it for people.

Health advice from Dr Alexandra Phelan ahead of Valentine's Day.

Health advice: Share affection, not infection, this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day in the calendar, however the potential health implications of this passionate time of year can concern doctors and it’s worth taking time to think about the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Creamy mustard chicken.

Recipe of the week: Creamy mustard chicken

This is a fairly straightforward recipe for a delightful creamy mustard chicken dish.

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