Kids’ sleeping bags UK 2022: from Happy Nappers to Mountain Warehouse, the best children’s sleeping bags

We’ve found the best sleeping bags for ensuring your child will have a cosy, comfy night sleep, be they camping or simply sleeping over at a friend’s houseWe’ve found the best sleeping bags for ensuring your child will have a cosy, comfy night sleep, be they camping or simply sleeping over at a friend’s house
We’ve found the best sleeping bags for ensuring your child will have a cosy, comfy night sleep, be they camping or simply sleeping over at a friend’s house | We’ve found the best sleeping bags for ensuring your child will have a cosy, comfy night sleep, be they camping or simply sleeping over at a friend’s house

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Camping with a child can be the greatest fun - but a great sleeping bag is important, or else you’ll end up with a grumpy companion in the morning

The right sleeping bag for your trip should be able to envelop your child a cocoon of warmth and comfort so that you can get a good night’s sleep and be ready for the next day’s activities.

What kind of sleeping bag does my child need?

When making your choice, you need to think about where you are going, the kind of temperatures you will experience and whether you will need to be carrying it for long periods of time.

Baby sleeping bags and children’s bags are the same, ultimately, as adult bags: you can purchase down or synthetic. Down are warmer, synthetic are easier to clean (particularly useful for children who are still having wet nights).

Some models have a detachable bottom section, which allow for additional space to be added as your child grows, then removed again if the bag is handed on to smaller family members.

What does ‘1-season’ mean, and the technical specifications on children’s sleeping bags?

As per outdoor expert, Jacob Little, in his guide to adult sleeping bags for summer:

“You will find that almost all sleeping bags have technical ratings. These tend to be temperature figures that determine how the bag performs under certain conditions. There are season ratings that run from 1-4, and temperature ratings that define the upper and lower limits of the bag.

A one-season sleeping bag, for example, is only really suitable for the warmest of summer nights. A four-season sleeping bag, on the other end of the spectrum, will protect you when camping in the colder, winter months.

Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but in summer, the nights can still be quite cold, particularly in the UK - bear this in mind.

What do temperature limits on a sleeping bag mean?

Temperature limits are rated as the upper limit (which is the highest comfortable temperature in the bag), a comfort limit (an average of the most comfortable temperature in the bag) and a lower limit (which is probably the lowest temperature you’d want to sleep in and still get an OK night’s sleep).

There is also an ‘extreme’ temperature limit, but this tends to be a safety score that is the lowest temperature the bag can withstand to prevent you from getting hypothermia.”

Silentnight Kids Sleeping Bag - Rainbow

Adorable and practical, this rainbow-decorated, fluffy sleeping bag is great for kids between five to thirteen years - it’s 165cm, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

With a synthetic fill, this 2- to 3- season sleeping bag is ideal for spring and summer camping trips.

It’s soft, lightweight, and provides ideal comfort at between 2-7 degrees, though you it will keep you warm to temperature of -13 degrees when need be.

Machine washable, and very, very cushy

Easy Camp Cosmos Junior Sleeping Bag

The Cosmos Junior synthetic Sleeping Bag from Easy Camp is perfect for family camping holidays and will keep your children warm and comfortable.

With a fitted mummy shape and cosy hood, they’re sure to get a great night’s sleep.

The features include anti-snag zip guard, external hanger loops, ridge hood with elastics, zip cover and stuff sack.

Basecamp 200 Character Kids Sleeping Bag

This fun sleeping bag will keep your little ones warm, protected and snug. The spaceman design will also appeal to children who love all things extra terrestrial.

It’s an ideal sleeping bag for sleepovers and warm weather camping trips.

It has a carry bag too for easy storage and transportation. It’s been tested and certified to contain no substances harmful to the environment certified as harmless to health and the environment.

The comfort temperature: for this sleeping bag it’s 15°C to 5°C.

It can also be used for extreme temperatures of 5°C, although this is a survival temperature only - the bag is not intended for regular use at this temperature.

Happy Nappers - Green Dragon

Less a camping sleeping bag, and more the type of delightful sleeping bag/pillow hybrid that your child will adore when enjoying watching movies at home or sleeping at a friend or relative’s house.

Easy to unroll, Happy Nappers keep your child warm and comfy when they’re ready to nap. The rest of the time, they’re cute, soft and cosy pillows perfect for playtime or cuddling. Plush

Basecamp 200 Mini Summer Sleeping Bag

This lovely pink sleeping bag is simple but effective for little ones who love all things sweet and pretty.

It comes in it’s own drawstring carry bag and is insulated with hollow fibre stuffing so it’s practical, comfortable and warm. It has a comfort temperature of 15°C.

Also available in blue.

The comfort temperature: for this sleeping bag it’s 15°C to 5°C.

Ayacucho Sirius 250 Junior Sleeping Bag

The Sirius 250 Junior Sleeping Bag is a cosy and compact piece of kit for young adventurers.

With a comfort limit of 2°C this bag will be a cocoon of warmth in spring, summer and autumn, conditions to ensure they get a good night’s sleep.

Designed as a junior sleeping bag there are no cinch cords at the opening of the sleeping bag to ensure safety.

The maximum user height is 140cm. The zip has an anti-snag panel for convenience and a draft baffle to reduce any cold spots that might have occurred. 

Quechua Kids sleeping bag MH100 10°C

The designers of this sleeping bag have drawn on all their experience as parents to develop this practical sleeping bag that grows with your child.

You can make sure your little one is comfortable for their first nights outdoors thanks to wadding and a correct volume for his size.

They won’t lose the cover either as it’s built in and turns into front pocket.

It’s available in two colours;  dark petrol blue and damson.

The comfort temperature is 10°C and it has a built-in carry bag for easy transportation.

Bloomsbury Mill – Safari Adventure – super soft toddler nap mat

This gorgeous all-in-one number is ideal for children aged 18 months to five years, and will fulfil a number of purposes.

Comprised of a padded mat, pillow, and fold-over blanket made from butter-soft cotton, this nap-mat works as a portable roll-out bed. You can use it at nap time, for sleepovers, or if you’re taking a small one on a camping trip (we’d advise a blanket for warmth though).

Machine washable, easy-to-carry and complete with name badge, it’s absolutely adorable and so handy for travel. We love it for ensuring your wee one can take a comfy nap regardless of where you are.

Infant’s Unicorn Sleeping Bag

This is made for small children’s first camping trip. It’s designed specifically for children aged 0 to 2 years old.

Your little one can stay warm and comfy with this cute, pink unicorn sleeping pod.

With a wide shape designed to give small children the wriggle room they need for an undisrupted night’s sleep.

It has synthetic insulation and is double layered for extra cosiness. It also packs away into a compact carry bag for easy transport and storage.

This sleeping bag is also available in blue with a spaceman design.

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