Sarsaparilla, ginger beer, dandelion and burdock - your memories of the pop you loved when you were little

Which pop did you love when you were little?

Monday, 3rd May 2021, 7:00 am

Was it ginger beer or cherryade? Perhaps sarsaparilla or even pineapple.

They all got a mention when we asked the followers of our Wearside Echoes social media page for their favourites.

You came up with a great list and even shared some of the places you got it from including Villa and Sykes.

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You told us which was your favourite pop when you were younger. Take a look at the choices.

We loved them all so let’s get bubbling and share those refreshing memories as we put the fizz into nostalgia.

* Mark Hill said: “Cresta! It's frothy man.”

* Sarah Jane O'Neill: “Villa sarsaparilla or dandelion and burdock.”

* Christopher Foster had great memories including one unusual bonus in the middle of a particularly harsh winter. He explained: “I remember working for Sykes and it was a really bad winter. The pop was frozen in the bottles. A sarsaparilla bottle cracked down the middle and left me with a shaped bottle of a iced sarsaparilla lolly, happy days.”

Villa in 1997 but what was your favourite flavour?

* Bill Hawkins recommended: “Sykes Ginger Beer in stone bottles. Yummy.”

* Veronica McCaskill: “Cherryade from Skyes”.

* Maureen Ling: “Ginger beer from Sykes.”

* Linda Johnson: “Jusoda and Tizer from Mrs Crass's shop Hendon.”

Villa pop in 1998. Which flavour did you love the most?

* Elaine Fairley: “Dandelion and burdock when the pop man came round.”

* Pat Seadog McCardle: “Sykes ginger beer from the pot flaggons.”

* Kelly Howe: “Council pop and it came from the tap.”

* Neil Chapman: “Definitely Villa Sasp.”

Back to 1995 for this Villa pop scene.

* Ann Burke: “Dandelion and burdock.”

* Audrey Ferry: “Villa sarsaparilla.”

* Fiona Thompson: “Cream soda and sarsaparilla from Sykes.

* Isabel Armstrong: “Sykes Ginger beer.”

* Paul Young: “Council pop.”

* Susan Hayton: “Sykes Pineapple or Dandelion and burdock.”

Cooling off with a drink of lemonade in 1963.

* Carole Butler: “Anything. They were all nice from Villa.”

* Brian Holder: “Ginger beer, Sykes.”

* Catherine Mcmillan: “Sykes dandelion & burdock.”

* Susan Sayers: “Pineapple crush from Alpine.”

* Robert Snowball: “Sarsaparilla, or ginger beer

* Julie Green: “Sykes bars dandelion, pineapple.”

* David Keeler: “Villa lemonade, direct from Villa.”

* Garry Johnson: “Villa sarsaparilla , Top Deck shandy.”

* Pamela Carter: “Cream soda, Sarsaparilla.”

* Denise Mustard: “Sarsaparilla, Villa Pop

* Mary Pinder: “Dandelion, ginger beer. Still is today.”

* Margaret Amer: “Dandelion and Burdock.”

* Sarsaparilla was a favourite with even more Wearside Echoes fans including Angela Fox, June Humphries, Eric Brown, Wallace Mather, June Cutter. Others who loved it included Peter Ord, Joyce Watson, Corinne Conlin, Glynis Ayers, Edward Brannigan, Monica Harvey, Lynda Knox, Alison Lothian, Cecilia Buick, Anne Lynn and Susan Maw.

Wed would love your memories of the treats you loved as a child, whether it was pop or sweets. Which were your favourite sweets and where would you get them from.

And while we are on the subject, which lolly or ice cream did you love the most in your younger days?

To tell us more, send us an email to [email protected]

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It is called Wearside Echoes and you will find it here.

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