LEGAL EAGLE: Advice on seeking an injuction

My partner and I split up a year ago and we have a young son together. Things were amicable but now I have started seeing someone new. My ex has turned up at my house and threatened to take my son off me. He keeps ringing me and telling me that he wants us to try again. Sometimes he sends nasty texts. The other day, he waited outside the office of my current partner and started shouting at him. I am really scared. The police have told me to seek an injunction – can you help me?

Bent over row

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Lose weight with weights

This week it’s been brilliant meeting new people in the shop and chatting about their fitness goals and the new types of exercise they want to try.

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Michael Dugher questioned why pharmacies were being closed.

JULIE ELLIOTT: Pharmacies are front-line health services and should be saved

This week saw FA chairman Greg Clarke appear before the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee – where he was asked to launch an independent inquiry into allegations of corruption within the game.

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Striking beard oil.

RICHARD ORD: Combing history for origins of beard oil

Remember when I told you about my trip to the Turkish barbers?


LEGAL EAGLE: Knife offences can lead to jail

I was arrested the other day for theft. When the police searched my rucksack there was a small penknife in there and I was arrested.

Winners in the Sunderland Echo Portfolio 2016 Business Awards at the Stadium of Light.

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: We do have lots to celebrate

Four days on and I am still buzzing from the Echo Portfolio Awards. It was such a brilliant night, and a night that I look forward to every year, as it is a major opportunity to celebrate business in Sunderland, and boy do we have a lot to celebrate. From small businesses and sole traders to large businesses and life time achievement, we really do have an array of success stories in our city.

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ON THE WATERFRONT: Doxford’s mystery craft

ON THE WATERFRONT: Doxford’s mystery craft

As Britain entered the Great War on August 4, 1914, William Doxford and Sons’ prominence in shipbuilding and engineering was an asset to the nation.

Grammar schools are part of a failed system

SHARON HODGSON: Schools plan shows Tories out of touch

When the Prime Minister stood outside Downing Street earlier this year, she told the country that no one would be left behind.

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RICHARD ORD: Why Killer Clowns are just like Brexit

RICHARD ORD: Why Killer Clowns are just like Brexit

If you are attacked by clowns, my advice is to go for the juggler.

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Fitness workout.

SHAPING UP: Facing the demon of obesity ...

The horrors of Hallowe’en are here again soon so I want to use this scary time of year to tell people some of the most frightening facts about obesity and poor health.

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Legal Aid can provide a helping hand in getting advice.

LEGAL EAGLE: Community Care and Legal Aid

Is Legal Aid still available to get advice about the services a person with disabilities, or their carer, is entitled to receive from the council’s social services, or the NHS?

Killer Clowns: The Stephen King book 'It', which was turned into a move, helped demonise the clown

Killer clowns aren't funny. Scaring children is depraved

I like a good scare. It's a weird part of human nature, but that adrenaline rush followed by the euphoria of relief is strangely satisfying. However, it's only fun because I know the threat is not real - and I know when to ask my partner if it's okay to come out from behind the settee.

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Katie and her Portfolio award in 2012 with Mel Donaghue of Barclays

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Celebrate your wins big time!

I’m kicking off my column with some exciting news. This week I’m doing the after dinner speech at the Echo’s Portfolio Awards.

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Alpines and geraniums in an unheated greenhouse can rot with excessive winter wet.

GARDENING: Greenhouse cleaning is a necessary evil

If you have a greenhouse, or any structure that you’re going to be overwintering plants in, your number one priority is making sure it’s clean.

Lettuce wraps.

SHAPING UP: Four ways to burn off 5lbs

I’d like to share four simple strategies with you for shedding five pounds of fat.

The NHS app.

WEARSIDE MATTERS: Medical advice at your fingertips for parents

Parents and carers can now find NHS advice at their fingertips to help you look after their children’s health.

Theresa May at the Tory party conference.

Theresa May throws Nissan a bone at the Conservative Party conference, but will Sunderland bite?

Theresa May spoke of the “quiet revolution” and her Brexit plan, but does Sunderland feature in it?
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Richard Ord yesterday

RICHARD ORD: Trims, eyebrows and the god of hellfire!

Take a look at the picture at the top of this column. That fresh faced young whippersnapper sandwiched between the ‘Richard’ and the ‘Ord’ may look half-presentable but he’s an imposter.

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LEGAL EAGLE: Trying to resolve family issues

LEGAL EAGLE: Trying to resolve family issues

My ex and I split up two years ago, we were married for four years and we have a five-year-old son. Once we split up my ex made it difficult for me to see my son and I have only seen him fiveor six times over the past two years, this is not enough and I want more contact. She has now told me that she is planning to move to Spain permanently and she is taking my son with her. I don’t want her to take him. I have tried to explain this to her but she won’t listen. What can I do?

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Katie in her Apprentice days

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Best of luck to new apprentices

The adverts have popped up on our screens, Lord Sugar is doing the press rounds and this year’s candidates have been revealed, which can only mean one thing. The Apprentice is about to start it’s twelfth series.

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