KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Where are the healthy options?

This week, I’m kicking off the column this week with a bold statement...I’m not surprised that we are one of the fattest cities in the UK. There I said it. I used the F word...and I used it in relation to our city.

The flower of salmonberry Pacific Rose. Picture by Lubera

GARDENING: Salmonberry fruit is ideal in small gardens

The oddly-named salmonberry is a brilliant way for those with small gardens to grow a decent fruit crop while not compromising on flowers and good looks.

How the auditorium will look from the corner of Dun Cow Street

Sunderland’s ‘ugly Lego air raid shelter’ arts venue is a thing of beauty - you just have to look hard enough!

Beauty, they say, comes from within.

Sunderland 13
Colne Jobcentre could close

Brexit doom-mongers should look away - there’s good news on the jobs front

Doom-mongers avert your eyes ... the UK’s jobless rate has fallen.

River Station Pikes' No10

ON THE WATERFRONT: Floating HQs for river police

This week we chart the floating stations once used by Sunderland’s river police - the River Wear Watch.

All Together Better community-based champions Margaret Overy, left, and Janet King.

WEARSIDE MATTERS: All Together Better seeks community Champions

Volunteer voices are helping to spread the word about a Sunderland service that joins up health and social care in the city, after signing up to become community-based Champions.

RICHARD ORD: Love is...never having to say ‘how much?’

RICHARD ORD: Love is...never having to say ‘how much?’

Love is … a tacit agreement not to ‘waste’ money on Valentine’s Day gifts or cards.

Decision makers must take reasonable steps to find out peoples views.

LEGAL EAGLE: What are ‘best interests’ in dementia decisions?

My elderly mother has dementia and has been assessed by social services as lacking capacity to make a decision about where she lives. I am told that a decision will be made in her ‘best interests’. What does this mean?

Valentine's Day can be a boom time for jewellers.

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Valentine’s marketing dream

I’m going to kick off this week’s column by wishing everyone who reads it and comments online (even the not so nice ones), a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Opinion 1
Marigold Indian Kushi. Picture by Suttons

GARDENING: There’s an Indian feel to this year’s marigolds

You’re going to find marigolds everywhere this year – not in the hideous, ’70s-style bedding rows with lobelia and alyssum, but think more tropical, Indian garland style.

Nursery schools are at risk due to changes in funding.

SHARON HODGSON: Parliament is not just about Brexit

Parliament is currently dominated by Brexit as we continue the process of passing the Article 50 Bill which will see Parliament allow the Government to trigger Article 50 in March; however, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other issues going on which are just as important.

Opinion 5
The Bridges in Sunderland.

WEARSIDE MATTERS: Sunderland full of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, we ‘re taking the sting out of your search for the perfect gift, with seven great gift ideas you can get your hands on in Sunderland.

So sue me! An embarrassing photo of Isaac from the archives.

RICHARD ORD: Fight for the right to embarrass offspring

Our Isaac, 13, was sitting in the front room with his pal Henry watching TV. Perfect, I thought, his guard is down.

Breach of a Non Molestation Order is an arrestable criminal offence.

LEGAL EAGLE: How to apply for an injunction

My ex-partner and I separated 18 months ago. At first, the break up was amicable. However, I began a new relationship six months ago and my ex-partner has started to harass me. Initially I received threatening phone calls but he follows me to work in his car and he has been found hiding in my garden watching my house. He has even been to my work place and asked to speak to me. I’m terrified of what he will do next. I rang the police but no further action was taken. Can I take him to Court?

Launch of Sunderland's City of Culture Bid 2021 at Ryhope Engine Museum.

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Get behind Sunderland’s bid to be City of Culture 2021

This last week saw Sunderland’s bid to become City of Culture 2021 build more momentum with a visit to Parliament.

News 3
Bodlewell Lane Police Station.

ON THE WATERFRONT: River Wear Watch’s new home

This week, we continue with our account of where Sunderland’s river police - the River Wear Watch - was stationed.

Sunderland players (left to right) Darron Gibson, John O'Shea, Bryan Oviedo and Joleon Lescott. Picture by FRANK REID

A face to face dressing down from a fan didn’t do Kevin Ball any harm - Sunderland’s players could do with more of the same

When Kevin Ball first arrived in Sunderland he was, he is fond of retelling, given a dressing down on his performance from an irate fan in a Chinese takeaway.

Sunderland 2
Funding per pupil will actually fall by 2020.

BRIDGET PHILLIPSON: Our schools are facing NHS-style funding crisis

Last week on the Public Accounts Committee – Parliament’s public spending watchdog – I warned the government that its demands for schools in England to make £3billion of savings by 2020 risks plunging schools into an NHS-style funding crisis.

Opinion 2
James Dean

RICHARD ORD: Rebel without a pair of sensible trousers

I noticed my son heading off to school in a pair of unflattering shorts the other day.

Fresh fruit and vegetables.

SHAPING UP: Fail to prepare and prepare to fail ...

Eating well does NOT happen by accident. It takes a little preparation to set yourself up for success.

Health 1
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