LEGAL EAGLE: Claiming medical negligence

Late last year I visited my GP because I had a constant cough and felt very out of breath. I underwent a very brief examination. He told me I had a chest infection and prescribed me some antibiotics. My cough did not clear up and I went back to the GP twice again in February and April this year. I was simply prescribed more antibiotics. By July my cough was becoming worse and I saw a different GP. She referred me straight away for a chest x-ray at hospital and I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I had some time off work due to my breathlessness and to have therapy which the hospital say needs to be more than if this had been picked up earlier. It also has made it very difficult for me to take care of my children. I am upset by the delay which had made me anxious. Can I take action against the GP for not taking more steps to investigate?

A snow dog

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Get out and track snow dogs

Is it just me, or have we started to accept a new version of ‘normal’ when it comes to our health, fitness and bodies?

Opinion 2
A body weight squat.

SHAPING UP: Four ways to burn off more fat

There is nothing quite as frustrating as seeing your fat loss results fizzle out.

Health 1
Jim Smith at the Sir Thomas Allen Centre in Doxford Park, Sunderland.

WEARSIDE MATTERS: Providing the Essence to help dementia sufferers socialise

When Jim Smith was diagnosed with dementia his world collapsed around him.

Linesman by Robert Gale.

RICHARD ORD: Flagging up an issue of little importance

Scatterflag (verb): The instant dispersal of dads at junior football matches when approached by a coach holding a flag looking for someone to be linesman. Eg. “Quick everyone scatterflag, they’re after a linesman.”

LEGAL EAGLE: How to get help to stop domestic abuse

LEGAL EAGLE: How to get help to stop domestic abuse

I have been in a relationship with my fiancé for five years, we moved in together about a year ago and we were really happy. He lost his job around six months ago and since then his behaviour and attitude towards me has changed. He physically attacks me, shouts at me and tries to control me and I am afraid of him, I feel like I cannot speak to anyone as if he finds out he will beat me and shout at me. I am very scared, I am feeling low and I don’t know how or where to get help?

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Great North Run 2016 finishers.

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Let the GNR be your inspiration

A week on from this year’s Great North Run and I’m still buzzing, although thankfully my legs have stopped aching!

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A bee on a chive flower.

GARDENING: Be aware of allergic reaction to bee sting

One downside of encouraging bees to visit your garden is the risk of getting stung.

A group of Sunderland shipyard welders, circa 1950 (Sunderland Museum)

ON THE WATERFRONT: When welding replaced rivets

Fusing together steel components by applying heat to their melting point, welding processes were introduced into the Wear’s shipbuilding industry during the 1930s.

Firms like Nissan need reassurance

BRIDGET PHILLIPSON: Industry needs some Brexit assurances

More than two months have passed since the UK voted to leave the European Union and the promises made by the Leave campaign before the referendum are unravelling thick and fast.

Opinion 12

Restaurant adds Signature to Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week

The latest in a long line of Sunderland businesses has signed on the dotted line, to take part in the city’s first restaurant week, which kicks off later this month.

Gravy wrestling

RICHARD ORD: I’ve been swozzled by dictionary compilers

Squee! The hardy annual that is the addition of new words to the dictionary appeared in the news this week.


LEGAL EAGLE: All quiet on proposals to change whiplash injury claims

Q. I have heard that soon it will no longer be possible to make a claim for having been injured in a car accident. Is this so?

Co-host Ricky Hatton

KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Event should be a knock-out!

I’ve been keeping a big secret for the last couple of months and this week I’ve finally been able tell everyone the exciting news.

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Labour's Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

JULIE ELLIOTT: Firms should be forced to disclose their tax affairs

Parliament returned this week after summer recess. The break over summer allowed me to attend a whole host of constituency-based events that I am not usually able to go to due to parliamentary business in Westminster.

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Dr Ian Pattison with Dr Sonali Dutta.

Health chiefs bid to attract new GPs to Sunderland

NHS Sunderland Commissioning Group Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is making a big investment to attract new GPs to the city over the next five years.

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Alison Gopnik

RICHARD ORD: Parents are either Gardeners or Carpenters – which are you?

What kind of parent are you?

Checking an x-ray.

LEGAL EAGLE: Speak to a specialist lawyer

I hurt my ankle recently while playing football. I thought I had broken it, but when I went to casualty I was told it was sprained and to rest for just a couple of days but still to walk on it when I could. It was still painful and after a couple of weeks I went to my GP who sent me for an X-ray. The ankle is fractured and I will need an operation. I will be off work. I think if I had an X-ray at casualty it would not have been as bad. I contacted a solicitor. I do not really understand what he was talking about, I am worried it will cost a lot to pursue a claim and I will not get my loss of earnings back.

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Ammi majus.

GARDENING: Sow seeds for hardy annuals in September

Most people sow hardy annuals in spring, but you’ll get a much earlier display if you sow seeds in early September.


LEGAL EAGLE: Court a last resort in family dispute

I recently separated from my partner and we have a son together who lives with me. I have been trying to organise contact between my ex-partner and my son but we cannot talk without arguing.

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