Sunderland at Wembley: 'Jobsworth spoilsports' or 'education comes first' - what you said as pupils refused holidays after Checkatrade final

Readers have been having their say after Seaham High School warned pupils who are going to the Checkatrade Trophy final this weekend that it's no excuse for missing lessons.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 10:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 11:03 am
Seaham High School has told students and staff that it expects them to be in on Monday, even if they are going to the Checkatrade Trophy final at Wembley on Sunday.

Many pupils and their families will be part of the 40,000-strong travelling support who will be descending on London on Saturday and Sunday for the game against Portsmouth at the national stadium.

Sunderland fans on Wembley Way at the club's last appearance at the national stadium, in the 2014 Capital One Cup final against Manchester City.

It is Sunderland's first visit to Wembley since the 2014 Capital One Cup final against Manchester City.

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But people leaving comments on the Echo's Facebook page are split on whether the school should have eased its rules, given the special nature of the day.

Paul Lewis said: "Let the families enjoy the occasion. If my team never makes past the third round but got to Wembley I'd want my kids to experience the occasion. It's not like North East teams are blessed with cup finals!"

Deborah Ian:"Those requesting a holiday day off will undoubtedly be the ones who regularly attend and abide by all school rules. More effort should be used sorting those who don't. You get out of people what you put in. Blooming jobsworth spoilsports."

Bernadette O'Leary:"If the schools had any sense they would accommodate the pupils who will be travelling back from London. So easy to say ‘if you’re off school on Monday, bring a letter in from your parents/carers’ and then any work can be caught up and set as homework. School work doesn’t suffer and kids can then get their sleep out. Funny when it’s a teacher training day or they decide to strike then it’s ok to miss that days teaching!!! C'mon education system, learn how to adapt."

Debbie Taylor:"It's only one day, it's not as if it's a full week where the kids will need to catch up. Also it's a precious day out with family, which is a life experience just as important as classroom work. Suck it up Seaham school, get a grip."

Anthony Ditchburn: "Yeh, like all the sick days that people will be chucking in for work. I'm not being funny, but it's not like Sunderland reach Wembley every weekend!"

Elizabeth Urwin: "Why not celebrate the good times? We don't get too many, and with the doom and gloom of the government and Brexit why not focus on something good for a change?"

Karen Everett: "Just phone in sick for the poor bairns man, it's one day. Holiday forms for goodness sake..."

But other people see no problem with the school expecting pupils to be attending lessons at usual on Monday, even if they don't get home until late on Sunday.

Chris Hall:"The game is on Sunday...trains arrive back in Sunderland for 10.30pm. No reason to want or need Monday off."

Alan Oliver: "Are the fans walking home? The game ends about 4.30, allow an hour for celebrations and another to get to your transport. That means you can be on the way home by 6.30. Say a leisurely drive home and you'll still be home for midnight!! No problem with school or work."

Thomas Corkhill:"The kids on our bus will be back for school, of course it's right, education must take priority."

Chris Higgins: "Match is on a Sunday, school is on a Monday. I can't see why both can't be done?"

Rachel Marshall:"When it is a teacher training day or planned strike it can be planned for and all pupils in a class will be on the same page. When a single pupil is absent, the class goes on as normal but they miss out and it makes planning to support that more difficult for already-stressed staff. Note that staff are also expected to be back at work on Monday, despite being at Wembley."