Luke O’Nien pledges his long-term future to Sunderland AFC in a typically brilliant interview

Luke O’Nien has pledged his long-term future to Sunderland AFC - with his deal at the Stadium of Light set to be extended.

O’Nien joined the Black Cats from Wycombe Wanderers in summer 2018.

His current contract is due to expire in the summer but, with a clause in the club’s favour, is expected to be lengthened by a year.

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For the 25-year-old, that couldn’t be better news.

Sunderland midfielder Luke O'Nien has pledged his future to the club

“I grew up watching this club and I remember looking at it and going ‘wow’,” admitted O’Nien.

“Then when you become a part of it, it’s a bit surreal at first.

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“I’ve loved being up here, even the management staff kicking me out because they say I’ve been working too hard!

“It’s a great place for me - the facilities, the stadium, the fanbase, the potential of where we could go.

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“I love it, why wouldn’t I want it to continue?”

O’Nien has quickly settled on Wearside since making the move from Wanderers, and has adapted to life in the north east both on and off the field.

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Now, he is determined to help repay those who have accelerated his development as a Black Cat.

“The north east has welcomed me and my family, and on the football front it’s developed me as a player,” added O’Nien.

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“I’m very proud to be a part of this great club.

“I know it’s not in the best part of its history, but I’ve loved playing for it.

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“I’ve still got a lot of work to do because it’s nowhere near where I want to be and where the fans’ expectations want us to be.

“It’s hard not being where we want to be, but it’s enjoyable knowing we can work for it every day and that it’s well within our reach.”

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He added: “I can’t thank enough the people who helped me to this stage, even the people who aren’t part of the club anymore.

“They’ve helped me to this day and I owe a lot of people credit for me being here.

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“They’ve worked with me, they’ve been patient with me - the fans as well - and until whenever my contract runs out, I’ll make sure to that last day that I give my all for this club.”