'My blood is boiling' - Fans react after Sunderland Ladies demoted two divisions

Supporters have expressed their dismay after Sunderland Ladies were demoted two divisions after losing their appeal to the Football Association.
Sunderland Ladies have been demoted two divisions.Sunderland Ladies have been demoted two divisions.
Sunderland Ladies have been demoted two divisions.

The Lady Black Cats were initially unsuccessful in their bid for a place in the FA Women’s Championship but, with the backing of new owner Stewart Donald, launched an appeal against the decision.

But on Monday it was confirmed the appeal was unsuccessful and the Ladies side will play in the FA Women’s National League – Northern Premier Division, the former Women’s Super League side effectively suffering a two-tier relegation.

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Sunderland AFC react after Sunderland Ladies demoted two divisions
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John Walker wrote: "Absolutely disgraceful for a club who developed the England Ladies Captain along with at least 3 other squad members....all involved should hang their heads in shame!!!"

Ralph Wynne added: "Disgraceful but it’s just like Durham CCC being demoted and deducted points."

"It's nothing short of disgraceful that we've been treated in this way. Talking of Short, his role in allowing the women to be cut adrift from the club's core, and thereby support, had a part to play on this too. Fizzing!"

Ian Brewster said: "If memory serves me right I read West Ham ladies have been promoted 2 divisions and we have been relegated two divisions after performing well season after season yet West H ladies have done nothing. Think it’s only fair the FA let them play each other for the spot in the top league????"

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Tony Gardner wrote: "Really is sickening, I don’t know how they could do this to a team which held its own in the top league."

David Anderson said: "Shame on the FA for this!!" while John Goymer added: "Despicable treatment once again of a NE sports club."

Chris Collins said: "Utter Disgust just as things were starting to gather some momentum for ladies football in the northeast we've been set adrift once again."

George Dean posted: "Getting relegated 2 divisions it seems very harsh. England ladies would be nowhere without the help of the ex-safc girls ."

Helen Blackburn added: "Shouldn't we be getting a petition organised?"