Best cordless leaf blowers UK 2023

The best tool for clearing up your outdoor section, help tame your garden with one of these premiere cordless leaf blowers

The best cordless leaf blowers 2021The best cordless leaf blowers 2021
The best cordless leaf blowers 2021

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Leaf blowers are handy tools to call upon for big outdoor clear-up jobs, and cordless leaf blowers hold many advantages over their petrol-powered cousins. They carry less mechanical parts (so there’s less to go wrong), the lack of fuel reservoirs means you’ll have a lighter tool to lug around, and best of all they are considerably quieter – a factor your neighbours are sure to appreciate.

Why is it worth buying a cordless blower instead of a petrol one?

Cordless blowers can be a bit pricey when bundled with a battery pack and charger, and it can be difficult to justify the initial outlay, but most manufacturers will have a range of cordless tools in their portfolio which share interchangeable batteries. If you own an existing tool in the range, you can save a bit of cash by sharing the batteries and charger and just purchase a bare unit.

Because of the power leaf blowers need to generate, the operating times afforded by the batteries can be a little short lived, but most of the units below offer variable blowing speeds. Besides, you won’t need to run your blower at maximum speed for all the jobs in your garden. Less puff equals longer runtime.

What should I do with the waste?

In most scenarios, the best way to use a leaf blower is to corral your leaves and twiggy waste into a sheltered corner of your garden or yard, then pounce on them with a broom and a bag.

Just be aware that it takes a lot of effort to shift damp leaves on wet ground, so try to schedule your job for a dry day or support your clean-up operation with a large, plastic-headed rake.

It should also go without saying that leaf blowing when it’s windy outside is madness and is like trying to herd cats. The best strategy here is to grab a cup of tea and wait for things to blow over.

We’ve been huffing and puffing with some of the best blowers on the market. Here’s five top choices to help keep your garden neat.

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