Letter of the week: 'Why does Sunderland need 75 councillors?'

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I see we are in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons.

Now further education is inadequate along side the children’s services.

Why are we paying some of the highest salaries in the country to these executives?

Once is bad enough but twice.

The children’s services has cost us £7.7million for extra staff and it is still not sorted out.

The council is always blaming the Government for lack of money but found plenty to pay councillors extra money for deputy chairpersons and a free meal afterwards.

And just look at the mess at the Vaux site, the seafront, rubbish in every street and back lanes.

I have said many times we have too many overpaid executives and too many councillors.

Why do we need 75 of them? It is the only place that has not suffered cut backs.

Sunderland Council is overdue for a good clean out.

The good people of Pallion have had enough.

Come the elections I hope the rest of the city feels the same way.

If it doesn’t work we can change it back after five years.

G H Liddle

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