Washington mum bravely shows effects of chemotheraphy to empower others fighting cancer

A Washington mum undergoing treatment for blood cancer has bravely shown the impact of chemotherapy in the hopes of empowering other people going through the same fight.

Friday, 4th October 2019, 4:45 pm

Ashleigh Palmer, 30, was diagnosed with stage 2 Lymphocyte-rich classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August, despite showing no signs of feeling unwell.

Further tests led to Ashleigh’s diagnosis and saw the Washington mum-of-three’s world turned upside down as she tried to process how she could have cancer despite showing no other symptoms.

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Ashleigh Palmer has made the decision to shave her head after beginning chemotherapy.

Shortly after her diagnosis Ashleigh began her chemotheraphy treatment and started to lose her ‘Rapunzel’-style hair – which had been her pride and joy.

Ashleigh said: “Losing my hair felt like losing a bit of my identity. Watching it fall out in pieces was traumatic, but now it can't get any worse.

“The treatment took my hair away, but that same treatment is also going to make me better.

Ashleigh Palmer has bravely shown the amount of hair that she was losing as a result of undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

“It will grow back and losing it is just another step on the journey to getting better.

“I have a great support network and wouldn’t get through it without them.”

The wig has been cut and coloured by the team to become as close a match as possible to Ashleigh’s own hair.

Ashleigh before her treatment, left, and wearing her wig from the Wonderful Wig Company, right.

“People feel at their lowest when they have not got hair and it is vital that we get the right wig. But it is not just about getting the wig, we also offer support before, during and after hair loss.”

Paul McCavana, of Macmillan urged anyone going through the same experience as Ashleigh to get in touch and receive support from their team on 0808 808 00 00.