Mum, 30, has blood cancer despite showing no symptoms except a 'painless' lump on her shoulder

A courageous young mum has shared the story of her shock blood cancer diagnosis to encourage others to get checked.

Thursday, 29th August 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 25th June 2020, 2:20 pm

Ashleigh Palmer, 30, showed no signs of feeling unwell, but after discovering a painless lump on her collar bone in May, she decided to see a doctor.

She was referred to Sunderland Royal Hospital for an ultrasound on July and after further tests Ashleigh was diagnosed with stage 2 Lymphocyte-rich classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on August 22.

The findings saw the Washington mum-of-three’s world turned upside down as she tried to process how she could have cancer despite showing no other symptoms or feeling unwell.

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Ashleigh Palmer with husband Stewart and children Austin, Felicity and Travis.

Now due to undergo chemotherapy on September 4 at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Ashleigh hopes the story of her diagnosis will raise awareness of the need for people to get checked out.

Ashleigh, who is married to Stewart Palmer, said: “In May I discovered a lump on my collar bone while putting moisturiser on my shoulders and just thought ‘what is that lump?’

Ashleigh, who is mum to Travis, seven, Austin, three, and Felicity, two, underwent further tests at Sunderland Royal including a biopsy, blood checks and a CT scan.

Doctors then decided to remove the whole lymph node for further tests and Ashleigh was told by letter that she had the form of blood cancer.

Ashleigh Palmer has been diagnosed with blood cancer.

She said: “I am absolutely devastated. I physically feel fine, but I’m not.

“I just think people should be made more aware of the need to get checked.

“I had no symptoms – I only had a lump on my collar bone, so I want to make everyone more aware that they need to get checked out.”

Ashleigh, who is known for her beautiful ‘Rapunzel’ hair, has made the tough decision to donate it to charity the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for youngsters who lose their hair through illness.

Ashleigh Palmer is well known for her 'Rapunzel hair'.

After the first bout of chemo, Ashleigh will go to salon Twiggys where her son Travis, seven, will cut off around 14 inches to make two wigs.

Ashleigh Palmer and husband Stewart.