Sunderland super eater Kyle Gibson shows us what would happen if you ordered EVERYTHING off the McDonald's breakfast menu

Sunderland eating champion Kyle Gibson has done it again!

Sunday, 23rd June 2019, 17:45 pm

The 20-year-old food fanatic decided to take it upon himself to find out what would happen if he ordered the entire McDonald’s breakfast menu to eat in one go.

Kyle Gibson with his bag of McDonald's breakfast food.

He also demolished a bluberry muffin, breakfast wrap, doughnut, pancakes and fruit, along with a number of other breakfast items.

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And the Wetherspoon chef certainly didn’t waste any time about it – polishing off the feast in just 18 minutes.

He said: “I just decided to order the entire McDonald’s breakfast menu at the branch in Farringdon and see how long it would take me to eat it all.

“I finished it in 18 minutes and the whole thing cost £35.”

Kyle Gibson at every single item on the McDonald's breakfast menu.

Kyle is now gearing up to take on a challenge at The Meat Up Bar and Grill in Sunderland where he be ordering a table full of food and eating it.

But after taking up competitive eating four years ago, Kyle is no stranger to extreme challenges.

While others have even seen him travel to Northern Ireland where he took part in the Big O Pizza Challenge where he demolished a 32.5 inch onion and ham pizza in just 23 minutes 48 seconds.

Kyle Gibson managed to eat the entire breakfast menu at McDonald's.

He has even starred in a one-off documentary called Battle of the Super Eaters: 3000 Calories a Minute.

The Channel 4 show which aired on Thursday, June 13, at 9pm, followed three UK competitive eaters, who can consume mountains of food in minutes.

Kyle, was blown away by the positive response he received following the show which had hoped would inform people what competitive eating is all about.

He now plans to take part in more competitions and hopes to travel around America taking part in challenges.