Sunderland designer's stunning Queen Elizabeth II tribute made of 5,000 screws goes on display at Bridges Shopping Centre

A Sunderland designer has created an incredible tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

In his most recent piece of art, designer Darren Timby from Roker, has paid homage to Queen Elizabeth II following her sad death on Thursday, September 8.

The artwork, which is one metre in diameter, is made of 5,000 black, gold and silver coloured screws and is one of Darren’s smaller pieces.

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It is one of multiple pieces of artwork made from screws that Darren has created, with previous pieces including Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Amy Winehouse and Freddie Mercury – with several on display at the Pigment and Toil Gallery inside the Bridges shopping centre.

Artist Darren Timby with new Queen Elizabeth nail art.

Darren’s latest piece, which took 50 hours to complete, also features at the Bridges gallery and is set to go on sale soon.

He said: “I’ve been planning to create a piece on the Queen for a while, back in January and then when she passed away I thought it was the perfect time to honour our Majesty.

"This is a downsized piece and it’s also just made of black, silver and gold screws so it’s a little different to my other designs. I’ve always had an interest in the Monarchy so I’ve enjoyed doing this one.”

The newest piece is on display in Bridges Shopping Centre.
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The Monroe piece was finished in October last year after Darren worked on it for six months.

He added: "I had been looking at creating the Queen and also Diana for a while so I thought this would be a fitting tribute – Queen Elizabeth was obviously a well-loved Royal.

The piece took Darren 50 hours to complete.
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“I’m getting so much quicker now and the support and following I receive on social media is very much appreciated and really encourages me to keep uploading.”

Darren's work on display in the gallery in the Bridges Shopping Centre.