'Mortified' Sunderland mum loses more than seven stone after being put on Covid vulnerable list

A Sunderland mum has revealed how she was inspired to lose weight after being left ‘mortified’ when she was classed as being in the ‘vulnerable’ group for the coronavirus jab.

Thursday, 28th April 2022, 4:55 am

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Emily Hughes, 42, from Hendon, has lost an incredible seven and a half stone after slimming down from a size 24 following a covid ‘wake up call’.

Emily, a mum to 12-year-old Charlotte and five-year-old Harrison, says she ‘had to lose the weight’ after she made the vulnerable coronavirus jab list.

Since joining Slimming World with Consultant Gillian Whitfield at the Bede Tower, Bethany Church group in November 2020, Emily says her confidence has grown and she’s even bought a full length mirror for the first time in 20 years.

Emily has slimmed down from a size 24 to size 14.

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She said: “When I made the vulnerable list, it pushed me to lose the weight and the pandemic actually helped me because there was no excuse to be tempted as we couldn’t go out.

"Before I lost the weight, I would just hide away and I suffer with some anxiety so it was easier to just not see people. Now, I feel great and I’ve even started running which I’ve never done before – and mentally I am so much better too.”

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Emily who now weighs 11 ½ stone, says she still has ‘a little more’ to lose but is ‘over the moon’ to reach her target weight.

Emily has lost an incredible seven and a half stone.

She added: “I’m proud of myself for what I’ve achieved so far, it feels so good when people comment on how I look, it gives me a sense of well-being.

"I don’t feel embarrassed anymore, I’m actually happy to be in front of a camera for once and I don’t fear being too heavy for fairground rides or too heavy to for plastic garden furniture!”

Emily says the key things that helped her on her weight loss journey included planning ahead, particularly with shopping online, swapping carbohydrates like rice for cauliflower rice or oven roasted cauliflower, attending Slimming World group sessions and keeping a food diary.

She said: “My knees and back used to ache and I now I’m physically and mentally so much better, I feel fantastic.”

Emily with her daughter Charlotte and son Harrison.

Diet before –

Breakfast: Toast and cereal

Lunch: Sandwich

Dinner: Takeaways three times a week, or anything with chips.

Snacks: Chocolate bar, cakes, Greggs

Diet after –

Breakfast: Fruit or porridge

Lunch: Tuna omelette and salad

Dinner: Meat and either salad or veg

Favourite Slimming World meal: Chilli Macaroni

Snacks: Fruit or high-fibre bar