Nightclubs in Sunderland: Echo readers remember the most loved and much-missed nightclubs from the city's past

Most of us will remember (in a way) our first trip to a nightclub.

Thursday, 21st April 2022, 4:55 am

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The songs, dances, drinks and sticky floors form some of the most enjoyable memories of our younger days – but they’re somewhat bittersweet when your go-to venues have since closed down, changed hands and names, or just aren’t the same anymore!

With nights out from the past in mind, we asked Echo readers to get in touch and shout out their favourite “gone but not forgotten” Sunderland nightclub.

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The response was massive – with more than 600 people sharing their memories on our Facebook page.

Dive into some of the favourites below, and add your own to our post here.


Sharon Leigh Hough: “Annabels nightclub with my besties, we used to love dancing the nights away.”

Echo readers have been sharing fond memories of their favourite nightclubs and the nights out they enjoyed.

Kevin Mak Watson: “The original Annabels.”

Vicki Williams: “Annabels, miss that place.”


Kenny Ellison: “Definitely Bentleys/Pzazz. Some amazing memories with the best group of friends.”

Was Finos one of your favourites? Pictured here in 1992. Picture: Angie Burns.

Donna Marie Forster: “Had my 21st in Bentleys. 1988.”

Paul Hurt: “Pzazz, worked there and drank there after I left.”

Amanda Ross: “Pzazz still got birthday tickets from 1997/8.”

Rebecca Royle: “Mine will always be Pzazz.”

The Rink dance hall, pictured in 1957. Picture: Bill Hawkins.

Brendan Young: “Definitely Pzazz. Was mint!”


Paul Comb: “Chambers, it was class.”

Mark Johnson: “Chambers without a doubt.”

Steve Lewis-Simm: “Chambers, best club in Sunderland.”


Did you finish the night at Mayfair and Genevieve's?

Anita Purvis Allsopp: “Mine was Finos.”

Louise Harrison: “Met my husband in Finos, been married 21 years.”

Ian Sutherland: “Finos, the best for sure and the beer was drinkable.”


Alex Hendry: “Spent many a weekend in Fusion back in the day.”

Tony Johnson: “Had to be Fusion.”

Deb Mcdermott: “Best nightclub was Fusion.”

Diane Peacock: “Fusion! Nothing else came close!”

Ku Club

Donna Gray: “Ku Club - great memories of going there.”

David Lewer: “Ku by far!”

Anthony Longford: “Ku Club! Would love one last night there, loved it.”

Graeme Wallace: “Ku Club - mid to late 80s, the greatest tunes that have lasted me a lifetime.”

The Mecca Centre/Mayfair/Genevieve's

Karen Allan: “Gens was the best, met my hubby there 43 years ago.”

Lesley Batchelor: “Mayfair and Genevieve's every Saturday from 1977-1979.”

Ken Bowman: “Mecca/Genevieves upstairs, downstairs fantastic.”

Catherine Mainprise-Tait: “The Mecca - with the special bus back to Hetton at 2am - think the bus fare was 30p if I remember right. Loved the Tamla room upstairs. Went from age 14.”

Audrey Metcalfe: “Genevieve’s, best times ever.”

Keith Scott: “Got to be the Mecca, Newcastle Road.”

Martin and Maureen Scott: “Friday nights at the Mecca, 1978 till it closed, great nights, great music & great people.”

The Rink

Robert Cook: “The Rink, my god that brings back memories.”

David Hind: “The best days of our lives, the Rink, Park Lane.”

Lesley Pintor Smith: “Top rank ’The Rink’ and Tiffany’s.”

… the best of the rest

Adrienne Brown: “Got to be Dixons.”

Ann Chalk: “The LaCubana in Toward Road was the best ever.”

Julie Cornell: “The Old 29 … fab music and amazing atmosphere.”

Sylvia Coxon: “Wetherells and La Strada.”

Glenda Herron: “I met the love of my life in Zhivago's.”

Linda Hinton: “I used to work in Hero’s and Christie’s in early 80’s for about 4 years - loved it.”

Kathryn A Wright: “The Intercon in Fawcett Street. Met my husband there and we’ve now been married 51 years.”