Everything you need to know about Forever 54's new club night in Sunderland

A DJ and music lover is hoping to bring a new monthly club night to Sunderland for over 35s – and here is everything you need to know about the event ahead of its start.

On Saturday, November 30 two original Chambers DJs and two new DJs will head to Sunderland for a house and disco night out – and it’s hoped the event will become a monthly feature.

Michael Lane, 42, came up with the idea and hopes his plans will bring the much-missed club scene back for the Sunderland Chambers generation.

He spent weekends from the 90s until around 2002 working in Sunderland’s bars and clubs, including Chambers.

The Manor owner Michael Griffiths and DJ Michael Lane are to host a new over 35's dance night

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    Now, he has launched Forever 54 – a music brand bringing back Disco House, Funky House, Soulful House and Classic House tunes inspired by Studio 54.

    Where is the event?

    The club night is set to take place at The Manor Bar on Foyle Street in Sunderland.

    When is it taking place?

    Former Chambers nightclub inside Mackies Corner, on the corner of Fawcett Street and High Street West.

    The event begins at 8pm on Saturday, November 30 and it is set to run until 1am, when the bar closes.

    How much will the event cost?

    Free entry is available until 1am.

    The Manor Bar has plenty of cocktails on its list ranging from £5.95 to £7.45.

    Who are the DJs?

    Michael promised two original Chambers DJs and two new DJs at the event – and his choices won’t disappoint.

    The two Chambers DJs Liam Carty, with Michael himself also taking to the decks.

    The two new DJs are Luke Martin and Marty Chape.

    Leah. O will be on vocals.

    Michael added: “I found that most club nights now are aimed at younger people and the older crowd don’t go out as much because the clubs don’t play the music they like.

    “Chambers used to do a reunion night once a year but the clubs in Sunderland need more house and 90s sound.

    “Music has changed a lot over the past 30 years and it is amazing that the people of Sunderland of that era are so keen to have something for them.

    “People can go out and enjoy the music and get away from the stress of children, work and normal life.”