Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 challenges: where to find claw marks, bifrost marks, and how to unlock Thor and Groot skins

This week's challenges are designed to get players up to speed with Season 4’s new features

Friday, 28th August 2020, 1:13 pm

Another week, another batch of new in-game challenges for fans of the popular Battle Royale title, Fortnite.

This week's challenges are especially notable for being the first batch of weekly tasks of the game's Season 4, a crossover between Fortnite and Marvel.

They're designed to get players up to speed with some of the season's new features.

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(Image: Epic Games/Marvel)

Here's everything you need to know:

The Fortnite Season 4, Week 1 challenges in full:

- Search 7 chests at Dirty Docks

- Get 3 eliminations at Holly Hedges

(Image: Epic Games/Marvel)

- Collect 4 floating rings at Misty Meadows

- Eliminate 5 Stark Robots at Quinjet Patrol landing sites

- Gas up a vehicle at Lazy Lake

- Get 1,000 damage to opponents with a Stark Industries Energy Rifle

- Eliminate Doctor Doom 3 times at Doom’s Domense (team challenge)

There are also “Awakening” challenges for each of the Battle Pass skins, which unlock as you unlock new skins.

There are also weekly challenges for Wolverine, with each one unlocking a new cosmetic until Week 6, when you’ll unlock the skin.

How to collect floating rings at Misty Meadows

To complete this challenge, you'll need to get yourself over to Misty Meadows.

That shouldn't be too difficult: the location is labelled on the map, and can be found to the south of the island.

All four of the rings will be found on rooftops, so you'll need to make sure you have some building materials on hand in order to reach them.

The locations of the rings are as follows:

- On the clocktower

- On a building in the northern part of town

- On a pavilion in the southeast of the town

- On a lonely cabin south of the town

How to eliminate Stark Robots at Quinjet Patrol landing sites

As part of season 4, the game randomly spawns parked Quinjets across the map.

They shouldn't be too hard to find, as they're marked on the map and are highlighted by blue smoke pillars in game.

The jets are guarded by Stark Robots, and you'll want to eliminate five of these to complete this task.

The best course of action is to attempt to land straight inside a Quinjet, inside which should be a chest full of weapons. Use these to your advantage to make short work of the robots.

Once you down and execute a robot, you can pick up the Stark Industries Rifle they were wielding.

Use this on the other robots to work towards completing another Week 1 challenge: 'Get 1,000 damage to opponents with a Stark Industries Energy Rifle.'

How to eliminate Doctor Doom at Doom’s Domense

Marvel's Doctor Doom has been added to the game as a non-playable NPC boss, and this challenge asks you to defeat him within his new lair three times.

The challenge is recommended for a team, so you'll want to get a few friends together before taking on this overpowered foe.

His lair can be found where the game's Pleasant Park location used to be, and Doom will usually be found residing in the spooky mansion that now occupies the space.

He can be taken down solo, but as one player will only be able to chip away at his health (of which he has a lot), teamwork is the best bet here.

Gear up with max armour and good weapons, and engage him at range (if you can) for your best chance of success.

Defeating Doom rewards you with the ability to wield his energy blast weapon, and a card that gets you into a loot-filled vault under the football pitch.

You'll need to take him down a total of three times to complete this challenge. A tall ask, but doing it will nab you a huge amount of XP.

How to visit Bifrost Marks as Thor

For the first part of Thor's Awakening challenge, you'll want to head to the crater caused by the hero's legendary hammer Mjolnir falling to the Fortnite map.

The hammer is located just southwest of Salty Springs, in a crater that you can now see on the map.

Make sure you have the Thor skin equipped and then head to the centre of the crater and interact with Mjolnir to pick it up (it also serves as a handy harvesting tool).

Once you've done that, head to the new Sentinel Graveyard, near which you'll find the Bifrost Marks, a group of circles that you'll spot immediately as they look rather out of place.

All you have to do is run over by the runes (while still wearing the Thor skin of course), and you’ll get a sound cue to tell you the challenge is completed.

How to investigate mysterious claw marks

The first of the weekly Wolverine challenges has you investigating three mysterious claw marks.

All of the claw marks can be found within the game's Weeping Woods location, but here are three to get you started:

- In a building south of Weeping Woods' trailer park on a toilet stall

- On one of the trailers just north of this bathroom

- On top of the tower to the west of Weeping Woods' trailer park

Completing this challenge unlocks a Wolverine-themed spray.

Are the challenges available for players on iOS and Android?

The tech companies banned Fortnite from their respective app stores because Epic had introduced a direct payment system, which allows it to bypass Apple's and Google’s commission fee for transactions.

Apple and Google said this action violates their app store guidelines, which led to them banning Fortnite from their app stores.

This means that players on iOS and Android devices who don’t already have the Fortnite app installed cannot do so, since it is no longer available on the Apple app store or Google play store.