Fortnite: what time does chapter 2 season 4 start, is there a trailer and what’s the theme of Epic Games’ Fortnite and Marvel crossover event?

Epic has been teasing details of the new season of Fortnite and it appears the newest update will be heavily Marvel themed

Thursday, 27th August 2020, 2:07 pm
The latest season of Fortnite is shaping up to be heavily Marvel themed (Photo: Marvel/Fortnite)

The newest season of Fortnite is due to be released soon - however, most of the details about the event are still hidden.

This is everything we know about chapter two, season four so far.

When does the new season start?

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The new season is set to start on Thursday August 27, Epic Games has confirmed.

There isn’t a specific time Fortnite seasons start, but Epic tends to arrange them for the early hours of the morning.

In the past, they’ve launched somewhere between 3 and 5am ET (what’s this in UK time).

What’s the theme?

The new season’s theme is likely to be a crossover between Fortnite and Marvel.

Rumours about the crossover kicked off when the official Fortnite Twitter account posted a series of emojis that seemed to represent Marvel superhero Thor.

These included a hammer emoji (Thor’s hammer), a lightning bolt (his superpowers) and a rainbow (Asgard’s rainbow-coloured Bifrost).

An image in the tweet showed the launch date, 27 August, and the Fortnite and Marvel logos side by side.

The picture included an image of the Norse god which appeared to have been taken from the first new issue of a Thor comic book released in January.

Fortnite has crossed over with superheroes before, including tie-ins with both Marvel and DC film releases, so a Thor crossover seems pretty likely.

It would likely introduce a Thor skin for Fortnite players to decorate their characters.

According to The Independent, data miners have claimed that the new season of Fortnite will also feature a Wolverine character skin, and collectable comic book pages dotted around the map.

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has also appeared on the Fortnite map, just southwest of Salty Springs. At the moment, the hammer doesn’t do anything, but it will most likely have some significance when the new season kicks off.

The official Marvel Twitter account has been tweeting Fortnite related news as well.

What will be in the season four battle pass?

While there’s been no official information yet, there is a lot pointing towards Thor being the special featured skin.

The Fortnite battle pass will be available to purchase on the launch date for 2,800 V-Bucks, which players can buy for £15.99.

Is there a trailer?

Fortnite released the trailer for the new season on the morning of Thursday 27 August.

The YouTube description states: “Discover how the Heroes and Villains of Marvel ended up on the Island.”

The trailer shows characters like Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor being transported to the Island, as well as villains like Thanos.

Will the new chapter be available for players on iOS and Android?

Epic is currently tied up in a legal dispute with both Apple and Google.

The tech companies banned Fortnite from their respective app stores because Epic had introduced a direct payment system, which allows it to bypass Apple's and Google’s commission fee for transactions.

Apple and Google said this action violates their app store guidelines, which led to them banning Fortnite from their app stores.

Epic has since launched a lawsuit to sue the tech giants.

This means that players on iOS and Android devices who don’t already have the Fortnite app installed cannot do so, since it is no longer available on the Apple app store or Google play store.

Those that already had the app downloaded will not have access to new updates, such as the new season due to be launched.

Why did the servers go down?

Fortnite players might have experienced servers shutting down at around 7am on Thursday 27 August.

A message from Epic states: “Fortnite Chapter 2 – season 4 (v14.00) arrives August 27. Downtime for the Season begins at 2am ET (6:00 UTC). Note: With the launch of the new season, patch sizes will be larger than normal.

"Apple has blocked your ability to update Fortnite on the App Store, and has said they will terminate our ability to develop Fortnite for Apple devices. As a result, Chapter 2 – Season 4 will not released on Apple devices on August 27.”