'We need a miracle!': Sunderland fans react as Barnsley and Portsmouth gain advantage in League One promotion race

Sunderland's 1-1 draw at Peterborough United saw their automatic promotion hopes fade - and supporters have been quick to react.

By Mark Donnelly
Monday, 22 April, 2019, 17:22

Max Power's late strike was cancelled out by Matt Godden in injury time as the Black Cats slipped to fourth in League One - taking their automatic promotion destiny out of their own hands.

And fans have been quick to react to the dropped points, believing that it will now take a monumental effort to reclaim a place in the top two.

Sunderland fans have reacted to the Peterborough draw

Here's how supporters reacted on social media:

@parkersafc said: "Takes a lot of the shine off Saturday too. Blackpool only won one of their last 8 games so can't see them going to Barnsley and beating them. Needing miracles now almost"

@tmalbrghtn tweeted: "It hurts but in the grand scheme of things, this may be for the better. Its a big job & a long road ahead for us but sustainable progress is more rewarding than instant gratification. Rome wasnt built in a day."

@_JordanSimpson commented: "Always said that I wouldn’t be confident going up if it was left to the play-offs. That remains the case"

@Ben_Fraser_ added: "Probs end up beating/drawin with Portsmouth now, scuppering their promotion bid, and likewise ensuring playoff doom against them"

@AMlinaku posted: "Not going up this season would be so much worse than anything that happened last season. Time to face the music and hope Barnsley slip up"

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@DanielJenks89 said: "But if we have to achieve promotion through the play offs, then so be it. No need for some of our fans to throw in the towel yet. Get behind the lads for goodness sake"

@ColinRDocker posted: "Have to beat Pompey simple as that. A draw at Peterborough is a good result, draws at home is why we are where we are in the league"

@ConnorGardner argued: "People seem to get that this WHOLE squad/management was thrust together a hectic summer, while the likes of Barnsley, Luton & Portsmouth have had a good few seasons building, playoffs is probably the right place for us, still gutting though"

@artloy8 commented: "Meltdown on here is shocking. How many of you in August would have taken a Wembley final, the play offs and lose (potentially) only 3 league games all season? LONG TERM PROJECT MAN"

@Sarah_ham96 tweeted: "Whatever will be will be.. Right now we need to get behind the lads and show them we support them no matter what... Play offs or not.. We go again on Saturday what is going to be super tough.."

@guitarsmiler added: "The joy with #safc is always short lived before the bump back to reality. Though it's not over until it's over expect more twists & turns."

@crazycorner01 said: "Yep in true #SAFC style we need a miracle"

@MorganLowrie commented: "If I’ve learned one thing from League One it’s that it is absolutely mental, throwing up consistent unpredictability and shocks, & if Sunderland were in Barnsley’s position, I would not be counting my chickens. Portsmouth at home just got a bit interesting. It’s not over."