Sunderand need 6-8 new players, insists Stewart Donald

Stewart Donald says Sunderland probably need ‘six to eight’ players this summer.

By Phil Smith
Tuesday, 25 June, 2019, 14:31
Sunderland chairman Stewart Donald says the club are being 'patient' in the search for new signings

The Chairman has told fans on twitter that the club were being ‘patient’ rather than ‘complacent’ as the wait for the first new recruit continues.

So far Sunderland’s businsess has been limited, with Reece James moving to Doncaster Rovers and a handful of players released.

Donald tweeted: “We had a squad that finished 5th and needs to collect around 10 more points than last season.

“Any new signings are coming into a more settled environment and we probably need around 6/8 new players this season & we are sure to make some signings soon. Patient not complacent.”

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He also told supporters that ongoing talks over fresh investment with the consortium led by Mark Campbell was a non-issue.

Campbell is the preferred option to get involved with the club but Donald has consistently said that it will not affect the club’s short-term planning.

“Investment is non issue,” he tweeted.

“It hasn't gone quiet - papers all got ahead of themselves saying a deal was done etc. I am making sure IF we get some investment it is right. We do not need it now its for the future so no hurry but it may happen. Either way we have things under control.”