'It's a win-win!': Sunderland fans welcome investment rumours - but on one condition

Sunderland are reportedly set for fresh summer investment, and fans have been quick to react.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 6:47 pm
Sunderland fans have responded to the latest takeover talk
Sunderland fans have responded to the latest takeover talk

Current owner Stewart Donald is believed to be weighing-up his options with a number of interested parties eyeing some form of investment into the club.

Sunderland supporters have now offered their take on the latest takeover rumours, which broke on the eve of their crucial play-off clash with Portsmouth.

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And most have welcomed the latest reports and will be happy to see fresh investment - on the condition that Donald remains involved in the club.

Here's what supporters were saying on social media:

@safc_simpson said: "Personally as long as Stewart Donald is still chairman i really don't mind this. If we can keep the connection and transparency with the fans whilst also getting significant investment its a win-win."

@KieWeatherall added: "I think that this potential new investment that is going to be arriving into Sunderland could be one of the best steps to taken yet. @stewartdonald3 is a very clever man and knows what he is doing."

@jackoconnor98 suggested: "Imo the plan is @stewartdonald3 sells a stake in the club to someone (or something) that will have financial power and ‘invest’ in us, basically another Satori, so that way he Methven etc can take a backseat like Juan currently does #SAFC ‘imo’"

@Phillip_RJ89 posted: "My gut feeling is that he’ll sell something like a 50% stake initially, and remain as chairman for the foreseeable future. The key man here is Sartori. Will he become the majority shareholder, or will it be someone from outside of the club? Many questions to be answered!"

@janey1000 commented: "For me SD has always suggested if better investment, better ownership comes along that was in the best interests of the club he’d have to consider it. If,in making #Safc more financially stable & a better prospect for buyers I have no issue him getting a return on his investment"

@waldron1994 tweeted: "Glad to hear talk of possible new investment or ownership. What Donald has done for the club won’t be forgotten by the fans, but realistically we need more money if we’re to progress up the leagues"

On Donald, @jamessafcmoore said: "Be gutted if he goes, he's helped bring back the good feeling around the club, can only thank him for what him, Charlie Methven and Juan have done so far"

@JonnyDrane added: "I am really nervous about this news on @stewartdonald3 selling the club. Could go either way!"

@goldys_logic tweeted: "The timing of that to come out is ridiculous and explains the silence this week in the build up to this game. Hopefully they stand by their word and ensure #SAFC are passed on to people who will run things sensibly."

@SAFCFezz posted: "If Stewart is selling up and has doubled his money then fair play, we’re a much more attractive proposition now to purchase and will get another decent owner. Him and Charlie have done so much for our club in 12 months and will be forever grateful to them"