8 best laptops under £1000 for 2023: we rank cheap computers in terms of power, display, weight and design

The best laptops to choose from, whether you want a gaming machine or a down-to-earth performers – all for under a grand

8 best laptops under £1000 UK 20238 best laptops under £1000 UK 2023
8 best laptops under £1000 UK 2023

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Choosing the right laptop is crucial. What’s most important to you, power, display, weight or design? Something that looks great might not have the grunt you need, and something with a big screen could be too heavy to comfortably sling in your backpack or briefcase. And since so many of us work in hybrid environments, portability from home desk to office desk could be important.

Even so, there’s plenty to choose from, with super-comfortable keyboards and bright displays, which don’t break the bank.

There are three operating systems to choose from: the magnificently intuitive macOS on Apple’s laptops is hard to beat. But it’s Windows that has the biggest range of compatible programs and applications, so it’s worth checking if the ones you need are available on the platform you like. The latest version of Windows is Windows 11, though you can save money often by choosing a version with the older but still excellent Windows 10. Often, upgrading to Windows 11 can be done later.

And then there’s Google’s ChromeOS, which offers a leaner system on usually more affordable machines. ChromeOS has come on leaps and bounds but it still performs best when it’s connected to the internet.

Many computers have touchscreen displays now (though never those made by Apple) and this is a feature available on several here.

Best budget laptops at a glance

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