Rishi Sunak reintroduces ban on fracking in England only a week after disastrous Commons vote

New prime minister Rishi Sunak reintroduces the 2019 moratorium on fracking in England after his predecessor Liz Truss lifted the ban.

The new prime minister Rishi Sunak has reintroduced the moratorium on fracking for shale gas in England. This after prime minister Liz Truss lifted the ban in a controversial move to strengthen the country’s energy supply.

It was announced to the Commons on Wednesday that Sunak will “stand by” the 2019 Conservative Party manifesto and promised that he and his new government will deliver on the climate goals agreed at the UN Cop26 in Glasgow in 2021.

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The decision was announced by the prime minister’s official spokesperson after being pressed by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas at Sunaks first Prime Minister Questions. The 2019 Convervative Party manifesto placed a moratorium on fracking for gas in England after facing pressure from local groups and environmentalists.

Liz Truss’ lifting of the ban is what ultimately led to the downfall of her short-lived time as prime minister. The day before her resignation, a vote on a draft law to ban fracking led to Conservative MP’s saying they had to vote against the motion to keep them from getting suspended.

Rishi Sunak has reintroduced the moratorium on fracking in England.

There were reports of “bullying” and “manhandling” in the House of Parliament as MPs voted against the bill despite being in favour of it. Tory whips also said that the vote was actually a vote of confidence in the government rather than a vote on a fracking ban.