Letter of the week: Turn Sunderland Civic Centre site into war memorial park

I saw an article regarding the demolition of the Sunderland Civic Centre and what residents would like to see, of which there were many comments.

On Sunday I was at the Remembrance Parade which I go to every year and was proud of the turn out this year.

Sunderland Civic Centre.

Sunderland Civic Centre.

This made me think could the site, once demolished, be used for a war memorial park to commemorate men and women who have lost their lives serving our Armed Forces during conflict .

Sunderland has a proud military history and a most fitting tribute would be a place where relatives and residence could go and pay their respects.

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I have been to the war memorial park in Coventry and they have planted trees for every serviceman/women and local residents who lost their lives during war with a plaque on every tree with their name on.

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This will be in keeping with the area as Mowbray Park is only across the bridge and would be good for the environment.

We don’t need more housing built in the city centre and the land lying derelict for a number of years like the former Vaux’s site.,

Linda Huxtable.