When will it rain in Sunderland? Latest weather prediction as the North East sees July heatwave come to an end

The recent heatwave has left Wearside residents desperate for a change in weather.

Wednesday, 20th July 2022, 12:29 pm

The warm weather Sunderland and surrounding areas may have fallen away for the time being and rain is expected to hit the UK this week according to forecasters.

The North East experienced highs of 38°C earlier in the week, with Tuesday’s weather breaking records across the UK and wildfires breaking out in regions across the country.

As predicted, Wednesday has seen significant changes in weather patterns with cooler temperatures being a welcome release, and rain isn’t too far away either.

When will it rain? Sunderland weather predictions as the North East sees July heatwave come to an end.

Met Office predictions can’t see temperatures across Wearside exceed 21°C for the next few days and showers can be expected on Sunday afternoon. These periods of rainfall are not expected to last long, but will be a welcome relief to those struggling with the heat.

Rain is expected to fall across the UK throughout this week with Yorkshire and the South West predicted to see showers throughout Wednesday with western areas expected to see further rainfall throughout Friday.

This Met Office prediction is contradicted by Accuweather however, who are expecting rainfall late on Thursday night before light showers throughout Friday to end the working week. They are also predicting rainfall on Friday in addition to the potential wet weather we may see on Sunday.

The weather system Sunderland is expected to see on Sunday is, according to WXCharts, going to impact northern areas of the UK the most, with Scotland predicted to see heavy rainfall throughout the day and into Monday morning.

Looking further ahead into next week, any rainclouds moving in from the west are expected to ease before reaching the east coast with showers remaining unlikely.

The dry summer is expected to continue into August with the Met Office suggesting the region should be prepared for “a lot of dry weather.”

Parts of the UK are now preparing for thunderstorms, which the Met Office have given a yellow weather warning. Although these warnings cover a large area, they have been issued between London and Humberside, keeping the North East clear of any further extreme and dangerous weather for the foreseeable future.