Watch as beachgoers head for Sunderland's seafront as temperatures soar - with more hot weather to come

Soaring temperatures saw sunseekers flock to Sunderland’s beaches – with the promise of more hot weather to come.

By Kevin Clark
Monday, 18th July 2022, 5:44 pm

The mercury was set to top 30C across parts of the North East on Monday, with an amber Met Office warning in place.

And there’s more to come, with temperatures expected to climb as high as 35C away from the coast.

Forecasters say some areas, such as Durham City, could see temperatures top 35°C on Tuesday, while the crowd at Chester-le-Street, where England take on South Africa in the first of a three-match one day international (ODI) cricket series, could be sweltering in 32°C.

People have been warned to cover themselves up, make sure they use lots of sunscreen and keep themselves hydrated at all times.

Monday’s scorching sunshine saw plenty of people head for Roker and Seaburn beaches, where a cooling breeze was welcomed by many as being enough to take the edge off the worst of the heat.

Sisters Maria Wilkinson and Rosemary Donkin were at the beach with niece Anna Hodgson, having travelled down from High Barnes.

Social care worker Maria and nurse Anna were making the most of a well-earned day off.

l-r Maria Wilkinson, Anna Hodgson and Rosemary Donkin

Maria admitted the group had considered changing their plans when they first arrived: “It was so hot we were thinking we might have to leave but then the breeze got up and now it is just lovely,” she said.

She is not too worried at the prospect of more hot weather: “I think if you are sensible, if you drink lots of water and make sure you have put your sunscreen on, then you will be okay,” she said.

Beauticians Melissa Navin and Alex Barrow were not looking forward to a return to work tomorrow.

"My room is a real suntrap, so I think a lot of clients might be cancelling their appointments,” said Melissa, 21, while Alex, 20, works at the MetroCentre and admitted she was dreading the rush-hour.

Melissa Navin (left) and Alex Burrows on the beach at Seaburn this afternoon.

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The pair, from Seaburn, were making the most of the day with a beach picnic and Mellisa was loving the sun, though she knew not everyone would feel the same.

"I just think it’s absolutely brilliant, though I know it is going to be very hard for older people,” she said.

Mates Tom Morritt, Sam Holman and Lewis Smith, all 25, were enjoying a kickabout on the sand at Seaburn.

l-r Tom Morritt, Sam Holman and Lewis Smith

Motor mechanican Lewis is not looking forward to having to pull his overalls back on for Tuesday: “It’s just nice to be able to get out in the sun – it lifts the whole atmosphere of the day.”

Tom said the chance to meet up with his mates after months of covid regulations was great: “It’s nice to be out of the house,” he said.

Mark and Jess Potter had brought Zachary, two, and eight-month-old Grace to the beach from Penshaw: “We came down because the temperature at home was ridiculous,” said Mark, 34.

“We came here because we knew there would be a bit of a breeze.”

“We have got them both well-covered up and we have been in the sea and building sandcastles – it has been great,” said Jess, 31.