Watch as Psychic Sunderland Pig predicts England-Tunisia outcome

Cynics have spent years scoffing at the chances of England's footballers ever ending their trophy famine.

Friday, 15th June 2018, 1:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 2:36 pm
Big Bob thinks England will make a meal of Tunisia in Monday's opening World Cup game.

Yet Big Bob the Psychic Pig seems set on giving the doubters food for thought after patriotically predicting a Three Lions win in their first World Cup clash.

Bob, a popular attraction at Down at the Farm animal fun farm, near Houghton, was chosen for the important task because he is usually the first at the site to sense when it is meal time.

Big Bob thinks England will make a meal of Tunisia in Monday's opening World Cup game.

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The farm also has form for forecasting vital football results after big mate Silver the Psychic Donkey started to predict Sunderland's run of six victories against arch rivals Newcastle back in 2013.

No pressure there then after the 11-year-old Maori pet pig agreed to take on role.

Looking first at England's opening game against Tunisia on Monday night, Bob was released from his pen and asked to choose from one of three bowls of his favourite sow rolls.

Hidden from his view on the opposite side of the bowls were labels with the words "win", "lose" or "draw".

He makes his way from his pen to the three bowls......

Showing a turn of pace often absent from England's defence during repeated tournament failures, Bob had little hesitation in opting for an England victory.

William Weightman, who owns the farm with wife Catherine, insisted it was far from beginners' luck.

He added: "Pigs are very intelligent creatures, among the most intelligent creatures around, and Bob is retired now so has had plenty of time to study the form."

.....before decisively predicting an England victory.

While on active service, Bob's duties included allowing many of the farm's 50,000 visitors a year to wash him.

Now such responsibilities lie with younger Maori mates Kourtney, Khloe, Kim and Rob - named after four members of America's celebrity Kardashian family.

Sunderland fan William, 44, said: "I have every faith in Bob's psychic powers and it will be interesting to see how he predicts England will do as the World Cup goes on.

"I'm certainly quietly confident as I like Gareth Southgate as the manager and I think he is developing a good young team."

If does Bob end up telling porkies during the group games then he may find himself replaced by one of the farm's envious army of sheep, reindeer, meerkats or racoons - provided, of course, England are still in the competition.

*Down at the Farm, just off the A690, in Stoneygate Lane, near Houghton, is open 10pm-5pm at weekends and during school holidays. It is also available Tuesdays-Thursdays during term time for advance school bookings.

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