Watch as Sunderland residents react to Boris Johnson’s decision to resign as Conservative leader

“He was left with no choice but to go and there should be a General Election” – that was the reaction of Sunderland residents following confirmation of Boris Johnson’s resignation as leader of the Tory Party.

By Neil Fatkin
Thursday, 7th July 2022, 4:08 pm

It sets in motion a process which could see him leave his position as Prime Minister in the early autumn, although there is mounting pressure within his party for him to go earlier.

Mr Johnson finally confirmed his decision to stand down on Thursday morning after more than 50 MPs, including members of his Cabinet, resigned from their positions and many of his closest allies told him to go.

It was a situation which many residents felt left him with “no choice” but to relinquish his leadership.

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Retired primary school headteacher Karen Evans, 59, said: “I definitely think it was the right thing to do. His position had become untenable. Without a doubt he’d lost the support of not just his MPs but also the British public.

Retired banker Christine Nicholson, 67, added: “I think his position was untenable and he should have resigned a lot earlier.

"We had become a bit of a laughing stock.”

Retired primary school headteacher Karen Evans feels there should now be a General Election.

Both women felt the country had been deceived by Mr Johnson and had lost trust in his leadership.

Karen said: “He’s dishonest and has no integrity. He says one thing and does another and will often contradict himself.”

Christine added: “He was full of lies and deceit and lacked integrity.”

Many residents highlighted the scandal surrounding the partygate affair as the reason for his downfall.

Amanda Martin, 34, doesn't feel Boris Johnson should remain in power until the autumn.

Retired teacher Michael Thompson, 79, said: “I think he has made a good decision to go. The situation in 10 Downing Street was useless.

"I think the Covid situation and the so called Downing Street parties didn’t help him at all, and the way he’s been allowing certain people to enter the Government with a questionable track record is also an issue.

“All in all I think he’s been a great disappointment.”

It’s sentiment shared by Diane Fitsimmons, 53, who said: “He’s lost the respect of his party and people have had enough of him. I think the situation with the parties during lockdown has really swayed people’s thoughts on how they feel and they’ve lost respect for him.

Christine Nicholson believes the Prime Minister should have "resigned earlier".

"I think this is what he will be remembered for.”

Many opposition MPs and former Prime Ministers have question whether with the level of dissent, it’s feasible for Boris Johnson to continue in his post until the autumn.

This is a view which Michael disagrees with, citing the time it takes to elect a new leader and expressing the opinion that “non of the other parties are ready for it”.

However Amanda Martin, 34, said: ”If his party has lost trust in him, and with so many resignations, I don’t think he should remain in power.”

Amanda also agreed with calls for a General Election rather than electing a new Tory leader, citing “there’s no one really left who you would want”.

Diane Fitsimmons believes Boris Johnson's time in office will be remembered most for the partygate scandal.

It was a sentiment shared by many.

Karen said: “I think people should probably have the chance to go to a General Election to give people the chance to make that decision.”

However Rob Ward, 53, disagreed highlighting the “Conservative Party can rebuild, we just need someone we can trust”.

Rob Ward feels Boris Johnson's decision to retire was "for the greater good of the Conservative Party".
Tommy Gibbons, 86, was pleased to hear Boris Johnson had resigned.