'Enough is enough' - Sunderland MPs call for change as 'hapless' Boris Johnson set to quit as Prime Minister

Sunderland’s MPs have pitched for Labour to form a new government following the news Boris Johnson is set to leave Downing Street.

By James Harrison
Thursday, 7th July 2022, 2:38 pm
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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Bridget Phillipson, Houghton and Sunderland South MP and shadow education secretary, called the Prime Minister’s impending departure ‘welcome news’.

She added: “It is clear he has always been unfit for office, and this should have happened long ago – all those who have been complicit should be utterly ashamed.

Bridget Phillipson MP.

“The Conservative Party has inflicted chaos upon the country during the worst cost of living crisis in decades. They cannot pretend they are now the ones to sort it out.

“The damage done during their 12 years in government is profound: 12 years of economic stagnation, 12 years of declining public services, 12 years of empty promises. Enough is enough.

“We don’t need to change the Tory at the top, we need a change of government.”

Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott also backed calls for a change of government.

Julie Elliott

She said: “It has taken yet more bluster and lies for Tory MPs to finally topple the hapless Prime Minister, but it is important to remember that these Conservative MPs were happy to back the Prime Minister as he lied, and lied again.

“Whilst the cost-of-living crisis goes on, living costs spiral and waiting lists are as long as ever, we are going to face a summer of Conservative infighting, as they forget they serve the country, not themselves.

“It is time the Tories stepped aside. It’s time for change.”

Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson agreed “enough is enough”, but warned “changing the Tory at the top won't fix the rotten body beneath”.

Antony Mullen, leader of Sunderland City Council's Conservative group

Johnson’s departure was welcomed by his own party on Wearside.

He said: “Nobody should be in any doubt that this is a situation of [Boris Johnson’s] own making.

“It was clear then that this was always going to happen - and those who prolonged his tenure should excuse themselves from the forthcoming leadership contest.

“Their continued public support for him made it difficult for me to challenge the our political opponents locally and resulted in hundreds of Conservative councillors losing their seats [across the country].

“We need a new leader, sooner rather than later, who will restore dignity and trust in national politics.”