Meet the candidates for Houghton in the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we’re turning the spotlight on Sunderland’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

By James Harrison
Saturday, 20 April, 2019, 14:25
(l-r) Chris CROZIER (Green Party candidate), Juliana HERON (Labour Party) and Sheila QUIGLEY (UKIP)

Each one will be given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why people should vote for them.

Chris CROZIER (Green Party candidate)

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I believe in a more equal, more democratic and more sustainable future.It has never been more urgent for us to protect our environment.As a councillor, I will stand up for our green spaces, pressure the council to use local suppliers for contracts, support investment in better public transport and ensure that the council take their declaration of a climate emergency seriously.I will do my best to protect our vulnerable from cuts to services.I will also push our council to be more democratic, transparent and accountable to the people they represent.Make a positive change.Vote Green.Raymond Hall DAVISON (The Conservative Party Candidate)Labour has an appalling record on Children’s Services and delivering basic services like rubbish collection and street cleaning.As your representative, my priority will be making sure that the Council’s number one priority is you.I support the reintroduction of Park Wardens in the hope of seeing safer communities with less anti-social behaviour.*No image supplied.Juliana HERON (Labour Party)I am proud to have been chosen to be the Labour candidate for the Houghton ward having served for the last 4 years.I hold regular monthly surgeries in Houghton and Fencehouses to keep in touch.We opposed the proposal to close Urgent Care services in Houghton and won the retention of minor injuries, X Ray and physiotherapy via extended GP services.The Labour team is working with the Houghton Traders to make Houghton a popular and safe place to shop.With people support we can make our ancient town of Houghton a place to be proud of.Sheila QUIGLEY (UKIP)Living in Houghton all my adult life I have seen what can be achieved by THE AMAZING PEOPLE of Houghton but I have also seen many areas that are lacking.With this in mind I really want to be your representative for Houghton and I believe UKIP is the Party that can bring about change.Since joining UKIP I have met some amazing, passionate, hardworking people, who have a common goal of simply doing what’s right and what’s best for OUR AREA.UKIP is a Party of real people, working hard, giving up their time to improve the city.Mick WATSON (Independent)No information supplied.