Boris Johnson to resign as Conservative leader: North East voters condemn replacements for outgoing PM

As Boris Johnson confirms his intention to step down as leader of the Conservative Party, talk has already turned to who will replace him in the top job.

Thursday, 7th July 2022, 4:11 pm

A new leader of the party will be elected to replace Mr Johnson, although as it stands, he intends to remain in office until his successor is appointed.

It’s been an explosive couple of days for the Tories, with a deluge of resignations including those of then-Chancellor Rishi Sunak and former Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

We asked North East voters for their views on the most suitable MP to replace Mr Johnson.

There was an overwhelming dismissal for many prospective candidates, with readers saying they are untrustworthy and “all from the same pot”.

There have also been calls for a snap general election. The next one is currently scheduled to take place in late 2024, or early 2025.

This is what you had to say on our Facebook pages:

Evelyn Patterson: “I don't think the people have any faith in any of them.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation as he announces his resignation outside 10 Downing Street. Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images.

Susan Mulley: “Who could you trust? No one comes to mind.”

Isabel Bateman: “Makes no difference, they are all from the same pot.”

Brian Bavins Jones: “I will never ever vote again.”

Andrew Beveridge: “Let’s have a general election, let the country vote.”

Rosalind Keenan: “Same in any job. Everyone is replaceable.”

Dave Clark: “Larry, that cat makes more meaningful public appearances than any of them.”

Larry Dodds: “They want to have a long hard think about who is next – look what happened to Labour when they threw Corbyn into the Labour leadership.”

Chris Gregson: “They are all as bad as each other, nobody will be better.”

Stephen Armstrong: “We need proper tax cuts and a proper conservative leader but he must be a Brexit-leaving MP.”

While the majority of readers answering our question did not select a candidate to put forward as the Conservative Party’s new leader, there was a small amount of support for Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt and current Deputy PM Dominic Raab .

Mr Raab stood in for Boris Johnson in Spring 2020, when he was hospitalised with Covid-19 at the beginning of the global pandemic.

Clare Fairley added: “Penny Mordaunt would be a good staple candidate. Honesty, integrity and good morals.”