‘Toad-in-the-Goal’ football kits aiming to batter prostate cancer

Sunderland’s Fans Museum has teamed up with a North Yorkshire football club to tackle prostrate cancer in a most unconventional way.

Martyn Coombs is secretary of the Bedale branch of the SAFC Supporters Association and chairman/treasurer of Bedale AFC.

He presented Michael Ganley, founder of the North Bridge Street museum, with the latest version of Bedale’s kit, designed to raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer.

The museum now has seven Bedale kits on permanent display with the arrival of the “Toad in the Goal” version, released on Yorkshire Day, August 1.

Fans Museum founder Michael Ganley, left, receives the "Toad in the Goal" kit from Bedale AFC chairman and Sunderland fanatic Martyn Coombs.

Bedale AFC are renowned for unconventional strips, which have sported sizzling sausages, hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, a see-through kit, a giant carrot and cheese grater goalkeeper kit.

Up to now the partnership with food company HECK has raised over £3,000 in strip sales alone. But this year, Bedale want to batter their opponents with their latest kit, inspired by a sausage classic.

The fundraising came about following the death of a friend of the club, Steve Garbett, from prostate cancer aged 62 in 2014. Various events have so far raised over £191,000 to combat the disease and honour Steve’s memory.

Martyn said: “By taking the classic toad-in-the-hole and given it a whole new meaning – and name. Welcome Bedale AFC’s latest sausage-themed football strip, ‘Toad in the Goal’.”


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Bedale AFC's "Road in the Goal" kit with goalkeeper dressed as a side of mixed veg. Picture by Gary Morrisroe.

In the 2022-23 season Bedale’s goalkeeper will be dressed, obviously, as a side helping of mixed veg. Prostate Cancer UK receives £5 from the sale of every shirt sold.

Martyn added: “Even though I live 50 miles away in North Yorkshire, I still have my Sunderland season card and love popping into the museum on match days and seeing our football shirts, which hopefully are a talking point and make men more aware of prostate cancer.”

Michael Ganley said: “We are delighted to receive these unique football kits, designed to raise money for a charity which is very close our hearts here at the museum.


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“It’s amazing that the money raised through sales of the these replica shirts helps Prostate Cancer UK, who are very close to developing a national screening system for all men similar to breast screening for women."

The kits can be bought at www.bedaleafc.com.