Plans for new multi-million pound Sunderland crematorium include extra car parking facilities

A new multi-million crematorium could be built with additional car-parking facilities to ease current problems.
Sunderland Crematorium could be rebuilt on its current site.Sunderland Crematorium could be rebuilt on its current site.
Sunderland Crematorium could be rebuilt on its current site.

Parking both in and outside Sunderland Crematorium, in Chester Road, Sunderland, are among the issues facing the existing premises.

Now plans have been revealed for a new purpose-built crematorium on the same site with “extended car-parking facilities”.

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Other ideas include a new footbridge over the River Wear, a £9million car-park for 500 spaces on the former Vaux site and improvements to the city’s main railway station.

While waiting for further details to emerge, councillors from different parties serving the crematorium area have broadly welcomed the plan.

Labour councillor Amy Wilson, whose Pallion ward includes the site, said: “It is something the city needs and we are only just coping at the moment.

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“I have been to services where it is difficult to get in and get parked because of the numbers attending and it only adds to the stress.”

Coun Martin Haswell, who represents Pallion for the Liberal Democrats and is the party’s deputy leader on the council, added: “Like a lot of people in the city, I have a connection with the crematorium.

“It is starting to struggle with the modern age and traffic and modernisation would be welcome.”

Coun Antony Mullen, a ward councillor for the opposite side of Chester Road and the Conservatives’ deputy leader on the council, said: "The Conservatives support the upgrading of Sunderland's crematorium and particularly the measures to ease parking problems in the neighbouring streets.

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“Residents in the area of Barnes ward opposite the site raise parking issues with the Conservative team often.

“But the crematorium is only one contributor to the problem in this area and a very minor one at that. Local businesses contribute to the problem to a much greater extent and we have worked with them to find solutions.”

A report to the meeting notes a new crematorium “will help improve the experience for users”.