Family pay tribute to 'little prince' Sheldon Farnell one year on from tragic death at Sunderland Royal Hospital

The grieving family of a ‘beautiful’ four-year-old boy have paid tribute to the youngster one year on from his tragic death – as their fight for answers continues.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 10:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 2:22 pm

Sheldon Gary Farnell died of suspected sepsis in Sunderland Royal Hospital on Monday, November 26, 2018, hours after doctors sent him home.

Now one year on, his adoring mother, Katrina Farnell, is continuing her fight for answers as the family awaits a final inquest hearing in the New Year – which they hope will shed light on what happened to their ‘beautiful little boy’

Family and close friends gathered at Herrington Country Park on the anniversary of his death to pay tribute to four-year-old with a balloon release.

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Family and friends gathered to pay tribute to Sheldon Farnell

Gary Farnell, Sheldon’s grandfather, says he visits his grave every day.

He said: “We just want justice for that little boy. He was such a beautiful little boy and he is so missed.

“We want the answers that we deserve."

A review into the circumstances around Sheldon’s care was launched by bosses at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust.

Friends and family gathered at Herrington Country Park for a balloon release in Sheldon's memory.

After the pre-inquest review, Katrina said: “In light of what we have learnt, as a family we want the justice my son deserves.

“I miss him so much and can't accept that he has gone, all from something which was so simple to treat.

“Me, my partner and my family have to live with that every single day and we want some sort of explanation and justice for my boy.”

Sheldon with mum Katrina Farnell

They spent two days in hospital believing he had a viral infection until he was released on the Sunday morning - before blood results returned showing something was wrong, the family say.

But Sheldon’s condition worsened and he was rushed back to hospital where he was put on life support but he sadly died on the Monday morning.

Friends and family gathered for the balloon release on Tuesday, November 26, to remember Sheldon.

Sheldon Gary Farnell

His uncle Daniel Robson said: “It feels like we have waited and waited to be no further forward.

“The inquest is taking place in January, we shouldn’t be having to go into another New Year without answers.

“We want justice for Sheldon.”

Great-grandfather Brian Lowmax added: “He was a proper little prince. Sheldon is so so missed, it’s still unbelievable that this has happened.”

Sheldon with his Uncle Daniel Robson