Sad day for Sunderland when it closes Alzheimer’s Society day centre

The closure of the Alzheimer’s Society day centre, featured in the Echo on Saturday, January 26, is very sad news for the people of Sunderland.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 11:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 01:18 am

And not least for the many volunteers and staff members who put so much effort, commitment and money into establishing the day care service.

The Sunderland Branch of the Society was formed in 1987. It certainly didn’t just “fall from the sky”

The Princess of Wales Centre was officially opened by HRH Princess Diana in 1991.

It was the first Alzheimer’s Society (AS) branch to have a Royal opening.

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And more effort still was required to raise the money required to later purchase the property for the people of Sunderland.

Every penny of which was provided by the people of Sunderland (including a loan from the city council, which was later repaid in full.

The national AS did not contribute any money towards the purchase. Indeed they were opposed to the branch purchasing the property.

Ernie Thompson,

Founder member and Chair of the Sunderland Branch of the AS