New central library too small

Regarding the central library fiasco, there is further proof that, despite getting rid of lots of books, the new library is too small.

I recently found out that the books are in three places (apart from the corridor).

The crafts and hobbies books are in the library room, the pottery room and upstairs, which also has books on art.

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If you want a book about knitting you would have to trail to these three places for the full range.

Not only that but the pottery room and upstairs open half an hour later than the library.

You couldn’t make it up.

Not long after the library relocated, a box of new bus timetables was delivered. They were soon on the floor behind the reception desk where they have remained for weeks.

Staff said that they didn’t have the space for them.

Some people don’t go to Park Lane Interchange for this information so the library should make it available to them.

I don’t think Stagecoach would be impressed.

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Might I suggest that they move the bus timetable stand from the Fawcett Street building (near the escalator) and put it against one of the library walls. It also has a storage cupboard underneath.

Name withheld

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