'Lock them up' - Echo readers condemn Bonfire Night attack on Sunderland firefighters

Families across Sunderland have shamed the yobs who attacked a crew of firefighters on one of their busiest nights of the year.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 06 November, 2018, 14:14

A crew from Marley Park Community Fire Station had bricks and bottles thrown at them as they responded to a call in Southwick on Bonfire Night.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service confirmed on its Twitter account on Monday that a team of their firefighters had been attacked by bottles and bricks - and that they had informed the police of the shocking incident.

Aftermath from bonfire night on Cato Street, Southwick.

Dozens of people have condemned the attack on social media - with some calling for those involved to face severe punishment.

Here is what you had to say about the attacks on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Mark Sutherland: "Another reason to make it a 10-year prison sentence for anyone attacking firefighters or NHS workers."

Victoria Moore: "Why should firefighters have to put up with this? As if their jobs are not dangerous enough without these idiotic morons adding to it!"

Aftermath from bonfire night on Cato Street, Southwick.

Joanne Gunn: "No regards to the services. People have reported fireworks were getting thrown at people and passing cars. Glad I stay in."

Donna Jones: "Shocking, wonder if they would still attack them if it was family or friends they were helping."

Judith Dunville: "This is utterly disgraceful they need locking up."

Kelly Hildrew: "This is disgusting when they are only doing a job and for safety reasons."

Aftermath from bonfire night on Cato Street, Southwick.

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Kelly M Dransfield: "Just wait until they need them, they will realise how important they are."

Helen Scott: "Disgusting it's absolutely disgraceful!"

Karen Lines: "Scum they just trying to do their job for God's sake lock them up and throw away the keys."

Paul Kerry: "I can never understand why paramedics and firefighters get attacked. They're trying to help people."

Sharon Smith: "I can’t get my head round the mindset of attacking people whose sole job is to save your life and keep you safe.

"Should get them on some sort of community service helping the fire brigade, see first hand what the people they are attacking are up against."

Jordan Broome: "When I was younger I used to look up at firefighters with respect and it was an admirable job to have. How sad times have changed."

Joan Creighton Greig: "This is so disgusting, wonder how they would feel if firemen didn't turn up for their house if it was on fire."

Courtney Leigh Gardner: "What happened to teaching respect? If it was my child I would be marching them to the police station myself then down to the fire department to apologise."

Maria Smith: "Idiots, they shouldn't be allowed to use any emergency services."

Shirley McDermott: "Sickening! No respect! Hope they're caught!"