Letter of the week: Sunderland should be proud of its Tall Ships Races

Congratulations Sunderland  for one of the best celebrations of Tall Ships we have ever seen!

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27 July, 2018, 17:29
Our writer praises Sunderland for its Tall Ships Races.

A first for Sunderland, which matched or out shone other host ports.

Thanks to Sunderland council, its workers who manned the event, closed roads, manned the security, police, ambulance and ensured the traffic flowed. We saw a spic and span town and port, with the most beautiful flowers and flags wherever there was room for them.

Not a piece of litter was seen, despite all the foot fall, and food stalls. This was only achieved with a lot of hard work.

The gentleman who planned the whole event must have been proud.

He had the backing of the “Meeters and Greeters”, all volunteers, worked hard to greet the Ships, and sailors, give out maps, “berthing plans” and ensure the public found their way around.

My family visiting from Yorkshire thought it all went extremely well, with even the weather being perfect.

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I know what a worth while experience it gives youngsters, as a parent of twin girls who have both been Tall Ships trainees when they were teenagers.

Thanks goes to the Sponsors, both the council and others, such as the Sir John Priestman Trust. Long may it continue.

Joan Mannall,

Bylands Gardens,

Humbledon, Sunderland.