Kindhearted community hand over hamper as they praise the work of Sunderland firefighters attacked by yobs on Bonfire Night

A crew of firefighters have sent their thanks to their community after residents rallied round to champion their work in the wake of a Bonfire Night attack.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10 November, 2018, 16:59

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has sent heartfelt thanks to people in the Southwick community after they called in to pass on a hamper of gifts to the crew.

The officers came under attack as they attended, shortly after 5.20pm, as missiles and fireworks were thrown at them by children aged from 10 up to 19.

Marley Park Fire Station then responded just after 7pm, when a further report of a car on fire, but again they came under attack.

Southwick residents hand over a hamper to the crew of Marley Park Fire Station. Photo by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

Today, the service expressed its delight after visitors called in to present the crews based at the station a hamper.

A spokesman posting on the service's Facebook page said: "Following the attacks on our Marley Park firefighters last week, our Blue Watch were overwhelmed when residents from Leafields, Southwick, Sunderland called in and brought them a lovely hamper.

"We know we have fantastic support from our community and it’s only a tiny minority who think it’s OK to abuse our crews.

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"This is a fantastic gesture.

The card handed to the firefighters from residents.

"We really appreciate it.

"Thank you from all of us! #ProtectTheProtectors #ThankYou."

In a card, the residents wrote: "A little gift of appreciation for all your hard work in the community.

"Following recent events in Cato Street, on November 5, we would like to show that some residents do care and support you."

The aftermath of the bonfire started in Southwick on Monday night.

They also said they hoped the crew enjoy their treats, which include tea, coffee and chocolate.

The hamper gifted to Marley Park Fire Station.
The land off Cato Street was littered with waste after the land was damaged by a series of bonfires.