'It's a town centre not a student village!' - 14 things you said about plans for Ku Club site in Sunderland

The site of a Sunderland nightclub is set to be transformed into student accommodation - but opinion is split on whether or not this is the right place for it.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 12:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 12:32 pm
The former Ku Club site in Sunderland.

The former Ku Club, on High Street West, is earmarked to become 19 student bedrooms, with the final decision due to take place on Monday, October 1.

A change of use application was submitted to Sunderland City Council earlier this year, and the plans are recommended for approval.

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On social media, many Echo readers have criticised the plans, saying that Sunderland is becoming nothing "but student housing and charity shops".

Others have argued that it should be a priority to provide accommodation for Sunderland families who are still looking for somewhere to live.

But some have defended the plans, saying there must be a demand for student housing, if the proposals are being made.

The former Ku Club site in Sunderland.

Here's how you reacted to the plans on social media:

Norman Featherstone: "How are the number of students drastically down on previous years and yet we're building more and more accommodation for them."

Michael Jones: "Nor, just bring back Ku Club."

Mike Littisore: "Plenty of student accommodation being built in the city centre, close enough for the Metro to Newcastle so it doesn't contribute much to our local economy."

Steven Spoors: "I don't know what the answer is but is Sunderland centre in danger of becoming merely a dormitory?

"Do the students actually spend a lot of disposable income in town or do they all jump on the metro and spend it through Newcastle?"

Chris Sumby: "What a waste of a prime spot."

Stewart Graham: "Should be looking for accommodation for the homeless that [are] sleeping rough round town before students, that should be priority."

Jim Maynard: "Once again the armchair town planners are out in force telling everyone that we do or don’t need this or that ... almost as if they know better than the companies prepared to spend significant amounts of money to turn certain spaces into accommodation or whatever it might be next.

"Do you think they just build it and hope for the best? Or do you think they understand there is demand from, as has been pointed out very well in previous replies, skilled and ambitious students wanting to come to a desirable university city, and contribute to the local economy while they’re here."

Jim Tansey: "It's a commercial area and should be used as such."

Martin Parker: "The town will be nothing but student housing and charity shops."

Colin Macdonald: "Has anyone been to Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds or York? Students are bringing in most of the finances in to these places."

Ted Johnson: "Seems ideal location for students. Can't imagine many other people wanting to live there. I certainly wouldn't."

Elaine Johnson: "More student property. Really. It's a town centre not a student village."

Adam Arkle: "I used to love Ku Club. Should be made into a nightclub or restaurant."

John Quinn: "If it wasn't needed they wouldn't provide it. "