Christmas in Sunderland: Your memories of shopping at Joplings

It's nearly time to welcome the man in red for another year - but before Santa comes, there's bound to be a bit more shopping to do.

Friday, 21st December 2018, 12:57 pm
Updated Friday, 21st December 2018, 1:03 pm
The Santa Parade in 1982.

For Christmases past, Joplings was one of "the" shops to visit in the run-up to the festive season - and you've been sharing some of your memories from childhood with us.

Many of you loved a visit to the shop's Christmas grotto, and having a turn on the sleigh to see Santa.

Joplings all lit up for Christmas.

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You also shared stories of shopping with Joplings money, and filling your own little baskets with sweets and other treats.

And while some of you just visited Joplings for leisure, some had tales to tell about working at the popular department store, which closed its doors for the final time in 2010.

Here are some of your memories from the Sunderland Echo Facebook page. Thank you for sharing!

A look at the store's toy department.

Julia Colclough: "Ah the Santa rides were the best, you definitely thought you were flying to the moon in a rocket.

"The scenery going past was magical. Got my walkie-talkie doll from Joplings back in 1971 and it still works ... great memories."

Katherine M Ball: "Best memories, really thought I was on that sleigh riding to see Santa."

Linda Blakelock: "Loved all the trees outside and the ride, it was magical as a child and never missed it, I also loved the food court and the little baskets my mam used to give me one and let me shop for sweets and crisps."

You have been sharing your memories of shopping at Joplings.

Maxine Greenhalgh: "Definitely the ride to see Santa you thought you had traveled miles to see him and taking my children to see him and a visit to the toy store, happy times."

Pauline Robison Coffey: "Loved the Santa’s grotto there, can also remember getting Joplings money off my Nana to get sweets."

Karen Klein: "Joplings money, richest kid in the candy store!"

Helen Bell: "My Mam dragging me to the sales on Boxing Day queuing outside hours before it opened."

Out in force to enjoy the Santa Parade.

Tony Hines: "Worked at Joplings from 76-78. One Christmas on toys and cycles. Best two years of my working life!"

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Jean Seymour: "Loved this store. Could get everything there. It's a big miss."

Elaine Lane: "Wonderful memories of the Santa rides it was magical."

Margaret Osman: "I loved the wooden slide and the ride to see Santa and the toy department."

June Humphries: "Great memories with my children ... loved it."

Judith Lillie: "The kids shoe department had a wooden slide which I loved."

Jan Mardghum: "Santa rides were marvellous. You really believed you were on a magic carpet, or a train to the North Pole.

"People queued for ages to see Santa and experience this. Great memories."

Deborah Fitzsimmons: "Loved the Christmas grotto: "And the good old Joplings money."

Anne Wooll: "Yes helping mam with her loaded Christmas shopping bags."

*If you have any memories to share of growing up in Sunderland, share them on our Wearside Echoes Facebook group.