Cheesy chips on Wembley Way: Your top tips on how to cook the ideal portion - or where to buy them

Salty, savoury and warming - the fact that cheesy chips are one of the the ultimate comfort foods is not up for debate.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 14:22 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 14:28 pm
You have been sharing your tips for the best cheesy chips.

But what IS up for debate is how to have them.

Do you make them yourself, can you add any extras or should you just get them as a special treat from your favourite takeaway on the way home from a few pints.

Hidden Gem Cafe's Francesca Aggio, owner Craig Lynch and chef Naomi Goldsmith try the cheesy chip pies.

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We asked you, the Echo readers, for your top cheesy chip tips.

You are the authority, after all, and there's bound to be a suggestion in here to please everyone.

Whether you are making the chips from scratch, ordering them in, using grated cheddar or making a cheese sauce - here are your best suggestions on how to enjoy the bait.

Where do you like to buy them?

Where to get them:

Claire Smith: "Lister's - Village Fryer."

@lynzeeloue via Instagram: "Chilinos always. Cheesy chips, curry sauce and a tub of garlic. I will drive to town for that, no alcohol required."

Craig Lynch: "Surely it’s a cheesy chip pie from the Hidden Gem?"

@deanscrum91 via Instagram: "Wembley Way obv."

Evan Lloyd: "Wembley Way."

@tamarabradacova via Instagram: "Sambuca Sunderland."

Keith Wilson: "Top Notch Dinners in Pennywell do the best cheesy chips! The chips are homemade and you get loads of cheese on too."

How to make them - and what to have with them:

Joe Quigley: "Layer of chips, layer of cheese, repeat. Like a lasagne."

Dani Graham: "Cheese, chips, bacon."

Dee Dickens: "Chips, cheese then beans."

Lisa Elliott: "Cheesy chips and gravy."

Joan Houghton: "Try bacon and fry the cheese can’t beat it."

Kat Berry: "Small layer of chips at bottom of cooking tray/bowl, sprinkling of cheese, another layer of chips, layer of cheese. Keep going until you run out of chips and cheese. Stick it in oven for 10 minutes, then if you're felling extra cheeky pour some Bisto Gravy over it, curry sauce is also a winner too."

Lynne MacDonald: "Grate cheese straight from fridge then leave it out to sweat, timing depends on weather/time of year. Strong cheddar good for saltiness. Layer chips then cheese ending with cheese. Bung under grill. Add anything else you like to season and dips."