Charlotte Crosby labels Sunderland an “Absolute Dive” on Twitter

Sunderland-born Charlotte Crosby has slammed her home city as a “dive.”

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 16:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 16:44 pm
Charlotte Crosby

The reality TV figure, who rose to prominence on Geordie Shore, took to Twitter to say “ABSOLUTE DIVE. That’s where it happened. It’s getting worse and worse that place” in a response to a tweet from Sam Gowland, from Love Island, about a fracas in the city centre over the weekend.

A former Ttonic barmaid, who attended St Anthony’s School, Charlotte, who has more than 3million followers on the social media platform, still lives in the area but said on Twitter she gets “grief” every time she goes out and that it’s not the place she remembers when she was younger.

Many took to Twitter to defend the city.

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Andy Winter said: “Oh dear. How to alienate and lose your biggest supporters from your home town. Absolute disgraceful, you should be ashamed.”

Kim Winter said: “Never been so disappointed to read something on Twitter from someone I have always loved. It’s a disgrace to be so abusive about your home town on a national platform, especially without getting your facts right.”