'About time', 'many more needed' and 'bring back the Eagle' - your views on Sunderland homes plan

Readers have offered a variety of ideas in response to plans to build more than 100 new homes on a derelict site.

Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 1:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 2:28 pm
Pennywell's derelict former Eagle pub before it was demolished in the mid 1990s.

Properties off Chester Road, in Pennywell, Sunderland, were bulldozed more than a decade ago.

Now social housing provider Gentoo wants to transform the site, visible from the main A183 through the city, to build 118 homes ranging from two-to-four-bedroomed houses to bespoke properties.

With the plans due to be debated by Sunderland City Council next Monday, the public has had its own say on the scheme on our Facebook page.

Dan Willis said: "They pulled thousands down.One hundred and eighteen is a start but many more needed."

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Lee Richardson added: "Was absolutely nothing wrong with the homes. All they needed was tidying up. Pulled 100s down for no reason, in my opinion."

Tracy Kane said: "About time. What a eyesore should have left the houses and modernised them like the remainder of the estate."

Maureen Tate commented: "What about bungalows? Two bedroom ones, loads of people asking for them on the housing list people who cannot get upstairs living in a two-three bedroomed house would love a bungalow

"Don’t get me wrong, some people who love living where they are should not have to move, only the people who would love to live in a bungalow.

"Instead of houses, get building bungalows."

Readers also had other ideas to help revitalise the area.

Referring to Sunderland City Council's search for a new home of its own, Neil Mutch offered the following advice: "Build the new City Hall there."

David Black harked back to one of Pennywell's former pubs, which was demolished in the 1990s, saying: "Bring back the Eagle."

Jamie Tyney Nicol hopes that the planned work might even trigger building projects in the Hendon area of the city, commenting: "Wow they might even build something on the Salam Street, Ambley Street sites soon."