How to keep pets safe during fireworks according to information from the RSPCA

The Autumn can be a stressful time for animals, but there are ways to help them through firework displays.

With Halloween and Bonfire Night on the horizon it can be a tough time of year for pets across the UK. There are lots of suggestions on how to keep household animals calm and relaxed during displays but what are the top options for those wanting to give their furry friends help through the loud evenings?

How can I keep my dog calm during fireworks?

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According to the RSPCA, assisting dogs during loud nights should be a long term goal. Dogs can be trained to associate certain areas of the house with positive experiences and will therefore head to that part of the house when they feel threatened, such as when fireworks are being let off.

How to keep pets safe during fireworks according to information from the RSPCA.

During periods of the year when fireworks are common, it is recommended to walk dogs during daylight hours if possible to assure fireworks will not be let off and provide their favourite toys in their safe space. Keeping curtains closed is also a good way to ensure any loud flashes are kept outside. Calming music can also keep dogs at ease.

How can I keep my cat calm during fireworks?

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With cats preferring to spend their days out of the house, it can be tough to know where they are when fireworks are let off. The RSPCA suggests providing multiple safe spaces for your cats, these could be dark corners of rooms or under furniture.

Once your cat is in the house, it is best to keep them inside and use similar techniques to dogs to keep them calm. They shouldn’t be tempted away from their safe space if they are comfortable.

The RSPCA also suggest microchipping cats in case they are startled and escape outside or do not return to their safe space.

How can I help small animals during fireworks?

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Animals such as hamsters or guinea pigs are unable to show as much expression as their larger counterparts. Any pens should be partly covered with blankets to keep any flashes out as well as keeping the room soundproofed if possible, leaving the animals an area to look out from.

Additional bedding is also recommended to allow animals to burrow and create their own safe space.