9 Sunderland pubs whose past is well worth re-living.
9 Sunderland pubs whose past is well worth re-living.

Nine of Sunderland's most curious pubs, from a bar made out of tram lines to a drunk who couldn't stand on his head

Have you heard the one about the Sunderland pub which kicked out a drunk who couldn’t prove he was sober – when he messed up an attempt to stand on his head on a table.

Saturday, 9th April 2022, 4:55 am

How about the about the bar in Sunderland which is supported by tram lines?

Then there’s the pub which Charles Dickens visited and the local whose name had a connection to dance.

We have Ron Lawson from Sunderland Antiquarian Society to thank for the photos and his insight into the past of these local favourites.

Ron is a former JP who has shared a part of his huge photo collection of 11,500 pictures with us. Take a look at his great reminders of times gone by.

To find out more about the society, visit its Facebook page or its website at http://www.sunderland-antiquarians.org

If you’ve got pub memories please contact Chris Cordner on [email protected]

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