Four new bombshells enter the villa as Summer and Billy are dumped from Love Island

It’s been a dramatic week in the villa, but the tension was ramped up even further with by the dumping of Summer and Billy and four new bombshells making their entrance in last night’s episode.

The week started with emotions running high and some couples in a rocky place following the revelations of movie night, but as islanders slept on what they heard and saw, the dust seemed to have settled.

But as viewers, we know once one dramatic scene is over, it’s not long before there is commotion again.

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There’s been beef for Tasha between Dami and Luca, which only escalated during the Snog, Marry or Pie challenge, when they both threw pies in Tasha’s face and gave quite personal reasons.

The new Bombshells arrive

Understandably Tasha has taken their recent behaviour to heart and the boys apologised and assured her it wasn’t done maliciously.

For a brief time, all seemed well again, until things got a bit too much for Danica, who I’ll admit has had a rough time in there, but keeps getting back up after every knock back and she got into a heated argument with Billy about the way he behaved towards her.

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As the islanders enjoyed a night out together, the arrival of host Laura Whitmore soon ended the fun, as the islanders knew it meant bad news was on its way.

And, as predicted, she was there to tell the Islanders the public had once again been voting for their favourite boy and girl and those with the fewest votes would be dumped from the island.

Dami and Billy were in the bottom two for the boys and Summer and Danica in the bottom two for the girls. The results meant it was up to the islanders to decide who they were going to dump from the villa.

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As they weighed the pros and cons, it was Billy and Summer who were sent packing.

But it wasn’t long after their departure the islanders received a text about the pair’s replacement, with not one but four new bombshells due to make an entrance into the villa.

Jamie, Reece, Lacey and Nathalia made their presence known as they walked in and already Ekin-Su and Paige feel on edge about their men.

Will heads be turned?