When is Mother's Day 2022: What day is the occasion this year, and why does the date change each year?

Mother’s Day is coming up in the UK and time is running out to sort out gifts and cards.

Mother’s Day is coming up in the UK, but when is the day also known as Mothering Sunday, and why is the UK date different to others around the world?

The day usually falls on a Sunday in March but the specific weekend changes year on year.

When is Mother’s Day 2022?

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This year Mother’s Day will be celebrated on March 27 in the UK.

Why does the date of Mother’s Day in the UK change each year?

Mother’s Day and Easter are intertwined thanks to its origins where the day comes on the middle Sunday of lent, a day of respite in addition to a celebration of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

In turn, Easter Sunday this year falls on April 17 in 2022, with the date of the holiday being determined as the first weekend after the full moon which occurs after the Spring Equinox.

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Mother’s Day in 2023 will be on Sunday March 19 and will then be on March 10 in 2024.

Only a few regions including Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Ireland and Nigeria celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day as the UK.

Why is Mother’s Day different in the UK and the US?

Thanks to its medeival, religious roots, Mothering Sunday in the UK is different to the date in the USA, where it is on the second Sunday in May.

It became an official US holiday in 1914 when the president at the time, Woodrow Wilson, declared the day as part of the national calendar in the states.

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