Think you're a Mackem mastermind? Test your knowledge of Sunderland with our quiz

How well do you know Sunderland?

Sunday, 1st December 2019, 8:00 am
Sunderland Empire Theatre

There’s history, art, entertainment and sport in our quiz. Answers are at the end. No cheating mind.

Which country did the Sunderland footballer Martin Harvey, who passed away recently, represent 34 times? A. England B. Northern Ireland C. Scotland D. Wales
Which country was the next destination for the Tall Ships when they left Sunderland in 2018? A Germany B Denmark C The Netherlands D Switzerland

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Drawings by which artist were displayed in Sunderland Museum for three months in 2019? A. Leonardo da Vinci B. Salvador Dali C. Rubens D. Jody Craddock
Which sporting competition was created by Charles Alcock, who was born in Sunderland in 1842? A. The FA Cup B. The World Billiards Championships C. The Boat Race D. The 2,000 Guineas
Which glass manufacturer and Sunderland MP has a street named after him in Millfield? A. James Hartley B. Edward Rainton C. John James Kayll D. John Candlish
Which store stood on the corner of Crowtree Road, where Debenhams now is? A. Woolworths B. Caslaw’s C. Jeremy Adam D. Books Fashions
Which film star’s sister lived in Roker and was cremated in Sunderland in 1978? A. Charlton Heston B. Stan Laurel C. Peter O’Toole D. Robert Morley
Sunderland’s top Premier League goal scorer is Kevin Phillips. Who is second? A. Niall Quinn B. Darren Bent C. Jermain Defoe D. Steven Fletcher
Two pubs stand on Silksworth Row. The Museum Vaults is one, what is the other? A. The Willow Pond B. The Greens C. The Black Swan D. The Ship Isis
1B Northern Ireland, 2B Denmark, 3A Leonardo, 4A The FA Cup, 5D John Candlish (Road) 6D Books Fashions, 7B Stan Laurel, 8D The Ship Isis, 9C Jermain Defoe