'Sunderland needs this and more' - what you said about plans to bring Stack-style development to seafront

Sunderland families have welcomed investment in the city which could see a shipping container village open on the seafront at Seaburn.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 8:51 am
How the new development could look at Seaburn.

The developers behind the Newcastle Stack leisure complex revealed plans to submit plans for something similar in Sunderland, prompting dozens of messages of support from the community.

Echo readers have expressed their support for the scheme, which could open by the end of this year if the application is approved by Sunderland City Council.Many said such a development was much-needed to make the most of Wearside's beautiful coastline, with some also praising the facilities at the Newcastle Stack, which boasts a selection of food and drink outlets and small retailers.

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Others argued that the proposed development may be more successful in the city centre.

Danieli Holdings, the company behind Newcastle Stack, has been working alongside Sunderland council to advance its plans.

Here is how you reacted to the plans on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

The site of the Seaburn Centre is included in regeneration plans for the area.

Karl Altringham: "Amazing. Brilliant addition to the city."

Graham Donkin: "Looks great and a welcome addition to our lovely seafront."

Denise Mustard: "Sounds amazing and should be a great addition to our improved seafront, however I hope it isn't too expensive for people to enjoy."

Maxine Roke: "I work in the Newcastle one .great place ... hope it does well in Sunderland."

A view of how the outside of the Stack development could look in Sunderland.

Leigh Thompson: "Fantastic. Can’t wait. We just need to demolish the eye sore that is Morrison’s and capitalise more on our beautiful seafront."

Aiden Littlemore: "If it happens in my lifetime ..."

Carol White: "Sunderland needs this and more. Great news, if it comes off that is."

Adam Tivenan: "It doesn't look very nice at all, but if it brings in money and is fun, then I'm for it."

A view of Seaburn Promenade.

Carolyn Hart: "We have one of the best beaches in the country which could be as popular as any other seaside city once they complete it."

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Donna Rayne: "About time. Only in Sunderland do they knock down without replacement. Nice one."

Linda Farrow: "Anything to bring the seafront up with new and innovative buildings."

Steve Leithes: "Nowhere to park either."

Amy Drummond: "Can’t wait for this! The one in Newcastle is amazing, similar to box park in London. Great food, great concept and great place to socialise all year round."

Barb Kate: "Excellent news. Good that it’s at Seaburn and not the town. Different places to visit rather than all in one area and the views over the beach etc amazing."

John Paul Thompson: "Haway man. Don’t put storage containers on our seafront and think it’s trendy. Build something to be proud of."

Paul Summerside: "Brilliant, quirky, modern concept! The one in Newcastle is a success. The one in York is a success. The only thing that will stop this one being a success is the negativity of those still living in the early 1970s."

Thomas Blackhurst: "It's a good idea, but let's be real; this would do so much better somewhere like the Vaux site rather right on the seafront."

Gary Thompson: "Get a grip ... containers. Build something permanent like a food court and bars.a nice looking food and drink village."

Brenda Crosby Scott: "Why don't they put it in Park Lane, in place of the outdoor market."

Jon Hutchinson: "Nothing wrong with the Newcastle one. Don't comment until you try it."